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After years and years in the business and a successful brand acknowledged internationally we have opinions and tricks!  We want to share!


Our upcoming workshop in Sping 2022 is a mind-bending affair of Avant-Garde styling, pushing the perpetually proliferating boundaries of wedding photography and redefining the industry. Limited to exclusively eight attendees we will explore never seen before creative concepts inspired by high fashion, art, and Haute styling. For our studio, photography is a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment. We will dip into photography as a way to redefine our style and aesthetics all in a luxurious workshop that celebrates how being unique is the only way to be one step further.


Constant movement, exploring new ideas, staying restless, staying wild. That’s photography for us. It’s the art of never settling down. This is the base of our work; rethink, re-evaluate, change how wedding photography works in a workshop that knows how to next level every time.



Hoarding knowledge is useless when you can make a change by injecting the industry with ideas. We want to share what we’ve learned all these years, nurture genius and spark creativity. Sharing our experiences, struggles and bright points will initiate a conversation about a sustainable industry filled with good energy and ideas!


Words are lifeless, taking action is what matters. We don’t believe in simply observing, we want to dip our fingers into the dirt, explore by touching, get in there. This workshop is all about plunging into creative ideas and show you how to market them to your clients. Style is nothing without good marketing. Count on us to show you the best of both worlds.


Despite the pretty, we’ll talk about money too and how to financially grow and stabilize your photography business. We have tips, tricks and all the deeds in the meanwhile to help professionals make a solid profit while doing what they love most. Making a respectable living should be a part of your business goal. We’ll show you how.


Phos was the incredible weave between Canadian & Greek vendors and Magnolia Rouge’s editor Kate Holland to put together an unforgettable experience. The workshop included four luxurious styled shoots designed around key elements in photography and styling with speeches on shape, colors, marketing, and publications. It gave the attendees a pocketful of valuable insight into the industry’s most important topics; how to elevate their wedding photography business to the next level and show the world! We wanted to give the opportunity of impeccable style, wonderful details, and breathtaking scenery to spark imagination in a new way of perceiving photography.

The secret of success? The in-person one-to-one mentoring of our attendees and the coordinated work of people with a deep sense of style! Our planners, stylists, and speakers not only had the eye of spotting the next big trends in the industry but also the knowledge of what it takes to create refined and timeless imagery.


We also offer in-person one-to-one mentoring for single and two-day sessions. Why appoint us as your mentors? We’re glad you asked. Regardless of what stage your business is at, you need someone to challenge and push you. Someone to ask you the difficult questions and helps you gain both traction and perspective as your business grows.

We’ll help you address your concerns and hopes for your business and guide you towards a bright future. We haven’t got all of the answers (no one does!) but a few things we can help with are as follows:

  • Photography and how to shoot to the full extent of your potential
  • How to work with difficult lighting
  • How to attract the clients you want
  • Promoting yourself without spending a penny
  • How to care for clients and keep them recommending you to friends
  • Learn more about getting published on blogs and in the magazines
  • How to juggle a creatively fulfilling career with a healthy family life
  • And much, much more…


This workshop truly launched my brand into the luxury market!’

The phos workshop was an amazing, comprehensive film photography workshop. The hands-on training at the styled shoots, one-and-one critiques and in-depth portfolio reviews helped me learn film and expedite my growth. This workshop truly launched my brand into the luxury market.

Katherine Threlkeld

‘Real-world issues are addressed with no hidden details. A workshop for every professional photographer who wishes to step up his game!’

As a professional, I tend to invest on education that will truly have a positive impact on my work. Phos workshop was definitely a unique experience that allows you to learn from top notch photographers. Real-world issues are addressed with no hidden details, practice on quality styled shoots and one to one discussions to tackle your own on the job concerns. All the vendors in the team were carefully chosen to add special value to the workshop. Paul, Yiota & Justine created a truly state of the art workshop that I recommend to every professional photographer who wishes to step up his game.

Monika Kritikou

‘Les Anagnou gave me important business advice that only an experienced photographer has!’

Great information on film shooting that comes from Les Anagnou’s years of experience, important business advice that only an experienced photographer has experienced and all that on a 5 day friendly and inspirational workshop.’

George Stravolevnos

‘Best investment I’ve made for my photography business!’

Paul and Yiota are two of the most wonderful people I’ve met in the wedding industry. I attended their workshop in Greece and it was the best investment I’ve made for my photography business. I joined as a participant who has only shot 2 rolls of medium format film and left as a confident business owner with lifelong friends and a couple of boxes of exposed film.

Camilla Cosme



  • Beforehand, we’ll give you a complimentary 30-minute session where we meet one another and work out if we’re a good fit.
  • We’ll talk about your business, where you want to go with it and how we can help.
  • Once we’ve decided that you want to move forward, we’ll carry out a more in-depth questionnaire to find out exactly what you want to achieve with this course.
  • We’ll review your portfolio: we’ll pull your portfolio apart, discuss composition, exposure, posing and framing.
  • On the day itself, we’ll craft the day around exactly what you want to learn. Over the course of 7 hours, we’ll review your style, your equipment and anything else you need to take your business to the next level.
  • We’ll also do a ‘test’ shoot of your choosing so we can walk you through what we would do in your shoes.


  • The first day is as above.
  • The second day will include an intensive high-end styled shoot with a bride and groom or couple and we’ll guide you through posing technique, working harmoniously with light, making your colours pop, putting your subjects at ease, capturing emotion, avoiding over-posing.
  • We’ll include another 3 hours of business coaching.
  • You’ll be able to work with the Les Anagnou team at an actual wedding.
  • Post shoot, we’ll go through the photos you took and discuss what worked and what didn’t and how you’re going to grow as an artist.
  • We suggest a Skype call a few days after the workshop to follow up on any questions regarding the 2-day mentoring course. This is also your chance to give us some valuable feedback!



Based in Athens, Greece and the Greek Islands. Available to shoot in Europe and Worldwide.


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