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When you decide to knit your soul with another for the rest of your life, that means something. It means that, of all the people you’ve ever met, he or she is the one who has stolen your heart and refuses to relinquish it.

This kind of adventure is hard to come by so when it does, you need to be ready for it. Grasp it with both hands and take utter joy in the journey. Our honour and privilege as wedding photographers is being invited to capture your story at the beginning of perhaps its most exciting chapter.

Paul + Yiota

We'll work with you to create something that exceeds even your wildest expectations.
Our dream clients are the ones who let their imagination run wild.

We have a talent for seeking out the most elegant angles and most poetic compositions and are avid lovers of light. We work creatively with colour and texture to tell your story as vividly as possible.

We’ve spent the last twenty years together honing our craft, growing our photographic chemistry, perfecting our style of photography and shooting some of the most beautiful weddings in the world.

husband & wife duo

We are Les Anagnou

Partners in business and partners in life...

And we'd love to tell your story. 


We believe that being well prepared is the key to achieving a breath-taking set of photographs. That, and wide-open lines of communication. After our initial meeting or phone call with you, we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill in which will put us all on the same wavelength. We need a 360 degree understanding of what you want from your wedding day, so that we can curate the perfect set of photos.


We will work closely with you (or your planner) and will consult you every step of the way on everything from your timeline to your couples’ portraits. The day before the wedding, we’ll scout out some stunning locations and familiarise ourselves with the local area to get the very best out of your wedding venue. From there, we’ll help formulate the day’s itinerary.


During the wedding day itself, we’ll use medium format film cameras while the light is good, then move to digital cameras as the evening falls. We have a talent for seeking out the most elegant angles and most poetic compositions and are avid lovers of light. We work creatively with colour and texture to tell your story as vividly as possible.



OUR vision

Having spent some time in their company, I can assure you they’re warm, lovely people who will make you feel completely at ease on the day, and best of all deliver you luminous imagery of a timeless quality that will remain priceless heirlooms for you and you family.

You simply can’t go wrong by having Paul & Yiota (of Les Anagnou) alongside you for your wedding journey.

Kate Holland

founder & editor of Magnolia Rouge

We shoot exclusively with film as long as we have the light for it. There’s a good reason for that: we love the feeling of it, the quality of the photography you can achieve with it. We even love the smell of it. There’s nothing like looking through a proper viewfinder of our medium format film cameras, composing the shot in our mind’s eye and finally pressing that shutter button and awaiting the magic. We wouldn’t change it for the world.

how we work


"Thank you for capturing every single moment of our wedding day! I am just speechless!"


"Thank you so much for my wedding photos and the amazing effort you put in. We are truly, deeply, madly in love with them"

Maria + Kevin

"I am speechless! These photos are amazing and look like they're from a magazine!"

Do we travel for our work? Of course. There is no place too far-flung for us to go in search of beauty and adventure, so don’t be shy about asking us to travel anywhere in the world.

We do have special pricing and considerations for destination weddings so do contact us and we can discuss your specific needs. We tend to need any air or ground transit costs covering, as well as two nights accommodation (the night before the wedding and the night of).




The majority of our couples hire us without a face-to face meeting so this isn’t a problem. We’re pretty quick on email and are available by phone or Zoom. We find Zoom very effective and can work around any time-zone

We’re in love with film photography so we use a couple of Contax 645’s (the Cadillac of medium format cameras) and, of course, our Hasselblad 503CW. We also use two Nikons F5 and Nikon digital cameras as back-ups (or when the light begins to fade). We send our films to California for development at the world-leading Richard Photo Lab.

You can have both of us or one of us. We recommend hiring both of us as a team for weddings with 70 guests or more. The second photographer is responsible for shooting the groom getting ready, all the details, providing a second perspective on the ceremony and reception, and assisting the lead photographer with off-camera lighting for creative portraits. You simply get a much more ‘rounded’ coverage with two shooters, although the decision is of course up to you.

Do you shoot video too?

No. We’ve no interest in beings Jacks of all trades. We do one thing and we do it really well. We can recommend a handful of talented videographers if you’re interested in a truly brilliant wedding film

We hate having our photo taken. Is that a problem?

Don’t worry, we deal with this issue frequently. We are very calm, mellow people who tend to blend into the background seamlessly. Usually, our couples are totally at ease with us within the first half-hour of shooting. The only time you’ll really be aware of the cameras is during the family or group portraits, during which we offer gentle and creative guidance and suggestions for the best shots. Just be yourselves. We’ll do the rest.

How do you approach family portraits at our wedding?

Your wedding album wouldn’t be complete without your family, so we’ll be sure to cover all of the family portraits that you request. We’ll also cover all of the usual detail shots like shoes, table decor and so forth. However, we’re also intensely focussed on going above and beyond the ‘usual’ wedding day repertoire. We aim to capture a few things that will both surprise and delight you, too.

The “first look” is something we really love and encourage our couples to do on their wedding day. It involves the two of you seeing each other for the first time, alone, and you can then carry on into your portrait session before the ceremony.
It’s a great way to soak into the day and have some extra time together , and contrary to what anyone might tell you, not unfashionable in the least.


Our studio offers the most popular services and products in four different collections. But we are always more than happy to customize a package specifically for each client.


We deliver the best images that we take on the day. Usually 80-100 final images per hour of coverage depending on how long we stay. Part of our bespoke service is to spend significant time curating these into chapters, indicating our favorites and adjusting them to beautifully tell your story.


We take the utmost care in our editing process. Completion takes about 8 to 12 weeks. After which your online gallery will be made available for you and all your friends and family to see.


Having secured a degree in human studies, Paul turned his passion for photography into a day job around 20 years ago. Yiota joined the studio 13 years ago (and then fell in love and had children with the owner of the studio so decided to stick around forever!). Weddings are where our hearts are: the joy, the sense of occasion, the pageantry. We love it all.

We have been lucky enough to photograph weddings in Italy, U.K, Middle East and Australia. We are always keen to adding to the list, so we would like to talk how to make this happen.

Sounds wonderful. How do we hire you?

Great! Get in touch with our contact form or email directly at hello@lesanagnou.com.We are quite quick in our replies, so in 24 hours you will hear back from us with more information regarding collections and prices.

mimi + Aaron

They are the most humble, gracious, generous and friendly couple you'll ever meet. They are simply one of the best photographers in the industry. We had so much fun on our shoot and felt comfortable and confident all day. Yiota and Paul are truly in a league of their own when it comes to creativity, quality, customer service and professionalism.

A photo session with Les Anagnou is a must! Their work is stunningly beautiful and expressive!

client love....

Their photos speak for themselves, always consistent, capturing emotion and timeliness.
But their best trait is their personality.

There is an instant connection between you and them from the get go. Patient, caring, with an impeccable eye, confident about their work, they know how to guide you when needed but also make you feel like they are giving 110% of their talent on the day.

Yiota and Paul, the best investment you can ever make!

Vana Efkleidou

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