Special Guide: How to Create a Wedding Vision Board


November 19, 2023

Embarking on the wedding planning journey feels like entering a realm of endless possibilities. But fear not! Before delving into the decisions and contracts, arm yourself with a handy tool—the wedding vision board.

Think of it as your personalized dreamland blueprint, mapping out every detail, from the subtle hues of your colour palette to the graceful send-off ceremony. A vision board is your trusty guide, steering both creativity and budget hand in hand.

Ready to unleash your inner creativity? Here’s a straightforward guide to crafting the enchanting tapestry of your wedding vision.

Defining the Magic: What Is a Wedding Vision Board?

Imagine it as a curated collage of your desires, a visual map that brings your dreams together in a harmonious dance. A vision board is the reference point ensuring everyone—be it you or your planner—is on the same enchanting page.

Say farewell to scissors and bridal magazines. Today, brides embrace the magic of social media—Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok—summoning inspiration with a tap and a swipe. Start in the digital realm to narrow down your favourites and create a simple presentation using platforms like Canva.

For those going solo, creating a vision board is as simple as capturing screenshots of inspirations and uploading them to platforms like Pinterest or Canva. Trim and add until your vision board encapsulates your wedding dreams.

Casting the Spell: How to Create a Wedding Vision Board

Let the digital realm be your creative haven. Capture screenshots of everything whispering inspiration—colour schemes, floral wonders, venue vibes. Upload these fragments to platforms like Pinterest or Canva, where you can weave them together.

Whether working with a planner or flying solo, the vision board is your canvas. Include the sparks that ignite your bridal fire—fashion, décor, food, drinks, and wedding party attire.

Conjuring the Essence: What to Include in a Wedding Vision Board

Release the shackles of restraint and let your board sparkle with everything your heart desires—fashion, décor, treats. Don’t hold back; let it be a canvas that speaks to you and sparks conversations with your planner. Bouquets, centrepieces, dessert dreams, and signature drinks—all are fair game.

As your vision board takes shape, share it with your vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page. The vision is a living enchantment, open to updates and edits. Your first vision is not a binding contract!

Above all, let your authentic style shine through. Make it a true reflection of you as a couple. Don’t get entangled in trends; let your wedding be a potion that fits authentically.

A Final Flourish: Authenticity and Your Unique Love Story

In this grand finale, let authenticity be the guiding star of your wedding vision. Your board should feel like a love letter, a piece of art that could be hung in the gallery of your home. Make it true to who you are as a couple. Don’t get too caught up in trends; include elements that resonate with your heart, not just because they’re popular.

As you step into the waltz of wedding planning, may your vision board be a compass, your vendors be the dance partners, and your love story be the melody echoing through the enchanted halls of your celebration. Your wedding vision is not just a map; it’s a journey, a dance, and a symphony—all wrapped up in the understated luxury of your unique love story.

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