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Santorini, Greece

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Nothing compares with the charm of an elopement in Santorini. We understand that if right now you are looking for reasons to run away to a quiet island, we don’t blame you! If you have never been to Greece before, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which island to visit, especially if you plan to elope or get married during that vacation! Trust us when we say that Santorini is the best location to have an elopement in Greece. After our Insider Guide to Santorini Weddings and a blog post all about the most picturesque location on Santorini for a wedding day, we’re coming back with a post dedicated to Santorini Elopements.

Why Elope in Greece?

Eloping is perfect for the spontaneous couple, but it’s also great for those who like to plan ahead. As opposed to a traditional wedding, an elopement is a beautiful way to keep your ceremony intimate and focused on what is most important for you and your partner. Elopements and small weddings in Greece offer a stress-free experience that a traditional wedding can’t. Destination wedding vendors understand how to help take away that stress, making your elopement in Santorini as stress-free as possible.

But Why Santorini?

Santorini is one of the best locations for a quick getaway wedding. The atmosphere on the islands is laid back, and the weather is some of the best in the world. It rarely rains from April to October, and when it does, it’s usually a quick passing shower. Santorini weather is some of the most consistent in the world and will add a sense of calm to your big day that you cannot find anywhere else. Did we mention the world-renowned beach locations are some best places to get married in Santorini? 

Aside from its natural beauty, Santorini is also rich in its unique culture. There are countless things to do and see: wine tasting, Hiking in the Volcano, snorkeling, exploring the lava rocks and the list goes on! And you can also experience the blend of cultures that make Santorini so diverse. Santorini offers world-class accommodation and services, yet the food, lifestyle, and way of life are quintessentially Greek.

Santorini is like no other place on Earth, making it not only a great wedding destination but also an amazing place to visit. Take a look at this stunning elopement in Santorini!

The layout of the Santorini [Is]land

There is so much to do on Santorini! We love this island because it has a little bit of everything. First of all, Santorini has a roaring nightlife, so if you’ll need restaurants, bars, shopping then the island is right for you! Most of the stores are located in the capital, but you’ll be able to find what you need all over the island! If you’re looking to escape city life, Santorini has that too. Take a day trip up the most intimate side of the island renting a sailboat, and you can stop to snorkel at some of the most amazing places. Drive yourself to have the freedom to explore each of these pristine beaches — and you’re not going to want to miss the sunset!

Santorini’s amazing scenery

Santorini, one of the most beautiful and well-known of the Greek Islands, is home to breathtaking sunsets, blue-domed churches, and stunning infinity pools and is crammed full of iconic photo locations just waiting to be captured! Having adorned a million postcards Oia is the picture-perfect Santorini town that draws millions of visitors to the island. Its sunset is one of the most photographed in the world and it was both our favorite photo location and favorite town in all of Santorini. Staying in Oia and adoring its picturesque setting, the maze of narrow streets lined with shops and cafes and the cliffside views is perfect for an elopement experience. The pastel buildings lining the cliffside of Oia are at their finest when bathed in the glow of sunset. The famous Oia windmill, one of the most recognized buildings in Santorini, overlooks the cliffside making for an iconic Santorini shot.

Where to Stay in Santorini

Santorini offers a wide selection of premier lodgings upon your elopement there. You can explore our favorite hotels for an elopement! Canaves Oia and their private villas and Rocabella Hotel Santorini with its stunning vistas and amazing culinary culture are only two of the island’s best places to stay!

Santorini Photo Tip: We highly recommend staying in Oia when visiting Santorini as it means you can spend time visiting the castle and wandering the streets of Oia in between the crowds: both early in the morning and late in the evening you will almost have the place to yourself. Plus it’s home to many of the famous Santorini cave hotels which are a real treat to experience!

Things to Do during your Santorini Elopement

You can spend so much time exploring Santorini and not run out of things to do!. You can find dinner shows and wine tastings in Imerovigli and Fira. Going sailing out in the nearby harbors is also a great experience in Santorini. You can charter a yacht or join a sailing tour. Of course, don’t miss the fiery sunset over the water that is visible from all the sides of the island!

Experience the Caldera

A volcanic explosion over 3,500 years ago on the island of Santorini led to the creation of this natural wonder. Couples from all over the world come to view this geological configuration. The 4-mile caldera is best viewed from either Oia or the capital city of Fira. Both locations offer a myriad of restaurants, hotel accommodations, and other amenities designed to deliver the perfect jumping-off point for your caldera exploration. Couples that visit Fira can even choose to ride a donkey to the summit of the caldera, providing breathtaking views along the way.

Visit the Volcano and Hot Springs

In addition to the caldera, Santorini also features two small islets of black lava. Nea Kameni is especially known for the healing waters of its hot springs. The high amount of sulfur in the Agios Nikolaos islet is heralded for its therapeutic powers. Because many of the villages of Santorini are located high on the towering cliffs, couples can take in the sweeping views of the volcanoes and their islets. The island’s largest volcano, Palea Kameni, also features healing hot springs.

Go to the Beach

No trip to Santorini is complete without spending a significant amount of time at any of its many beautiful beaches. Vlychada Santorini features a long stretch of sandy beach complete with loungers perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing. When you are looking for a remote beach experience, look no further than Cape Columbo. This isolated stretch of beach is located 10 kilometers from Fira and boasts towering red cliff formations that overlook the warm waters. Also, don’t forget to explore Perissa Beach. Known locally as the black beach, due to the volcanic black sand, Perissa Beach is another great elopement location in Santorini and offers exceptional snorkeling opportunities under the distinct landscape of red and black volcanic rock formations.

A Sunset Elopement

You would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful place to take in an island sunset than on Santorini. All of the island’s natural elements combine to create romantic sunset viewing from all over Santorini, perfect if you want to have your intimate ceremony. While there are a host of amazing places to catch the sun sinking into the ocean in the distance, the quaint village of Oia boasts a well-earned reputation as offering some of the most magnificent sunsets. Or take to the water to say your vows while on a sunset cruise. Wherever you decide to watch the legendary Santorini sunset, you will be in for a treat.

Don’t forget to hire a planner

Some wedding venues in Santorini only work with wedding planners and do not accept direct requests from brides. There are many advantages to having a wedding planner, especially if you are traveling from another country to elope in Santorini, Greece. Wedding planners have a lot of experience with wedding suppliers in Santorini and would choose to only work with reliable ones. Working with a wedding planner saves you the trouble of possibly booking someone unreliable for any vital aspect of your dream weddings, such as your bridal makeup, hair, photos, flowers, or cake. The peace of mind of having a wedding planner for your Santorini elopement to deal with any issues that may arise throughout the day or leading up to it is also invaluable. 

Book your Vendors early in advance

Upon the great wedding book that is coming, and the wedding dates clearing fast for the years to come now’s the time to snug your wedding date and book your vendors as early as possible. Being a covid free destination and famous among the travelers, Santorini is a really popular destination for an elopement. So make sure you give yourself peace of mind by hiring your wedding vendors in advance. 

Santorini makes a stunning backdrop for your elopement to Greece. We simply adore it and loved to have been able to capture so many beautiful wedding days there! This oasis mixes scenic natural beauty, an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, distinct white-washed buildings, and sparkling ocean waters set against the brilliant blue sky. Santorini will impress even the most discerning traveler couple and crown your wedding day in utmost beauty!

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