Picture Perfect Wedding Photography Locations in Santorini

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Must capture santorini locations
Santorini, Greece

The island is ours. Here, in some way, we are young forever. ― E. Lockhart

We’ve created a collection of the most beautiful wedding photography locations in Santorini! No place on Earth is quite like this beautiful island, where the traditional greek elements merge with the unique architecture, the modern touches and the unique character that made Santorini world famous. Usually bursting with people, Santorini is buzzing with positive energy! As wedding photographers, we’ve traveled countless times there to capture picture-perfect weddings. It accommodates every style. There are bright white and clean corners for that whitewashed Santorini style for the elegant couples that love the greek light or moody volcanic alleys for the forward thinkers! No matter the location, Santorini guarantees the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography!

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The picturesque ones


Oia is the most popular village in Santorini, famous for its picturesque corners and iconic little nooks! The breathtaking church with the blue dome surrounded by colorful little buildings will look like a poster card from Greece, and it’s where we captured dozens of our darling brides while the sun was setting! If you wander down, you will find a cute little spot overlooking the Aegean. That’s the perfect place to click. Also, the golden hour in Oia is truly magical and paints everything in this golden bronze tint, perfectly nostalgic for a wedding day!

destination wedding in santorini film photographers les anagnou


Fira is the capital of Santorini, the biggest and most cosmopolitan settlement of the island. It is located on the western edge of the island, opposite the volcano and the two volcanic islands, Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni that lie in the sea. What makes it so ravishing and an ideal destination wedding photography location is the Caldera view that leaves our couples speechless. We always suggest a walk to the scenic alleys and it’s where the magic happens! Our couples always look as if they stepped out of a fairytale walking there!

destination wedding in santorini wedding photographer lesanagnou fine art film photography


The village of Imerovigli, also known as “The balcony to the Aegean”, lies in the highest point of the caldera cliffs. Our favorite place, the village has a magnificent view of the famous volcano, the sparkling Aegean Sea and the sunset that is out of this world! We always take our couples there. It is one of the most picture-perfect locations for that Santorini Instagram perfect wedding photograph you will cherish forever.

fine art wedding in santorini locations by les anagnou


The adventurous ones


The Red Beach

The red beach is one of the most interesting, unique and scenic beaches on the island of Santorini. It is near the Akrotivi Village and it’s a deep burned shade of terracotta red. You can imagine the impact it has on wedding photography and why we love it so much. It is a location for the adventurous ones, as it is quite dramatic but beautiful nonetheless! The beach is endorsed with steep hills that create a wild and captivating scenery that can’t be found anywhere on earth. The volcanic rocks and deep blue waters sure present a palette worth considering if you’re opting for something unique for your wedding day! We always advise our couples to book a photo session there because the result is every time breathtaking!

fine art destination wedding in santorini by les anagnou


The beach of persissa is one of the most characteristic sights of the volcanic island. Its black lava sand is the perfect contrast to the deep blue waters. Why we love it? It goes hand in hand with the red beach in uniqueness points since it differentiates itself from the total white vibe of Santorini. It is perfect for the couples that want both for their wedding photography, a whitewashed background, and a volcanic scenery.

destination wedding in santorini fine art photography les anagnou

These are a few of the locations that always work for us and create our “oh my” style of photography. Santorini sure is a magical island with a unique style and its perfect for a wedding. From a photographic point of view, Santorini has a truly unique light that makes us swoon every time we are there! It is truly timeless and elegant, just like our photography.

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