How to know if Santorini is your wedding destination in Greece?


July 15, 2021

When you hear “Santorini,” you likely think of blue skies, blue seas, and white houses. It’s an incredibly picturesque location as an island surrounded by the Aegean Sea. It has something for everyone — history, views, wine-tasting, sunsets, swimming, tours, and more. Nothing compares with the charm of a wedding in Santorini. If you have never been to Greece before, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which island to visit, especially if you plan to elope or get married during that vacation! Destination weddings often become mini-vacations for those who attend, and there’s no better destination than Greece. In fact, it’s one of the most popular choices for weddings abroad because it has so much to offer. Trust us when we say that Santorini is the best location to have a wedding in Greece. After our Insider Guide to Santorini Weddings and a blog post all about the most picturesque location on Santorini for a wedding day, we’re coming back with a post dedicated to how to know if Santorini is your wedding destination!

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You love Nature’s Wonders

Santorini, along with Mykonos, is probably the most famous Greek island. Its sun-bleached, smooth-edged houses, azure-domed churches, narrow streets, and glorious views over the expanse of the Aegean Sea are emblematic of this little paradise. But not many people know that the volcanic island we know was centuries – or even millennia – in the making. What’s more, few know exactly where its caldera is. Santorini’s half-moon-shaped bay is the center of the caldera (a cauldron-like volcanic depression), which collapsed after a volcanic eruption during the Minoan civilization, eventually leading to their decline, just like Pompeii. Indeed, the eruption was so massive that it seems to have caused significant climate perturbations; it was possibly one of the biggest volcanic eruptions on Earth. If you have been looking for the absolute romantic place on Earth, Santorini is right there and is eager to welcome you! Located in the Cyclades, the island of Santorini has gained universal acclaim as an imposing destination, where romance overflows and especially at sunset. Idyllic colors of orange, red and purple blend on the velvet sky and the result is purely stunning! 

You like a Cultured Destination

Aside from its natural beauty, Santorini is also rich in its unique culture. There are countless things to do and see: wine tasting, Hiking in the Volcano, snorkeling, exploring the lava rocks and the list goes on! And you can also experience the blend of cultures that make Santorini so diverse. Santorini offers world-class accommodation and services, yet the food, lifestyle, and way of life are quintessentially Greek. There is so much to do on Santorini! We love this island because it has a little bit of everything. First of all, Santorini has a roaring nightlife, so if you’ll need restaurants, bars, shopping then the island is right for you! Most of the stores are located in the capital, but you’ll be able to find what you need all over the island! If you’re looking to escape city life, Santorini has that too. Take a day trip up the most intimate side of the island renting a sailboat, and you can stop to snorkel at some of the most amazing places. Drive yourself to have the freedom to explore each of these pristine beaches — and you’re not going to want to miss the sunset! Santorini is like no other place on Earth, making it not only a great wedding destination but also an amazing place to visit. Take a look at this stunning elopement in Santorini!

You like top-notch wedding services and accommodation

The island is best known for its iconic, whitewashed clifftop towns that offer striking panoramas of the world-famous caldera, a crescent-shaped bay with volcanic islands peeking out from the glittering blue Aegean Sea. On Santorini, you can find countless top-notch wedding vendors that will help you with planning your destination wedding. It has a micro wedding industry, inside the industry of the country. Many of the best wedding planners and florists of the country reside in Santorini and create breathtaking events every year!

Regarding accommodation, many luxury hotels are located all over the island in popular towns that offer dramatic caldera and sea views, close proximity to popular tourist attractions, and beachfront access. Also, pretty much every hotel offers rooms with coveted perks such as cave-style architecture, cliffside rooms with Aegean views, private pools, or jetted tubs. Our favorite Hotels on the Island are Canaves Oia, Rocabella Santorini and a couple more we’d be thrilled to share with you!

You love Breathtaking Scenery

Santorini, one of the most beautiful and well-known of the Greek Islands, is home to breathtaking sunsets, blue-domed churches, and stunning infinity pools and is crammed full of iconic photo locations just waiting to be captured! The stunning Santorini makes a stunning backdrop for your trip to Greece. Snow-white limestone walls, blue dome-shaped roofs, small windy alleys, brilliantly blue skies, rough cliffs, and the sun, that sparkles on the calm sea – those words fetch our thoughts immediately and paint the picture of Santorini’s breathtaking scenery right in front of our mind’s eye. Don’t they? 

Having adorned a million postcards Oia is the picture-perfect Santorini town that draws millions of visitors to the island. Its sunset is one of the most photographed in the world and it was both our favorite photo location and favorite town in all of Santorini. Staying in Oia and adoring its picturesque setting, the maze of narrow streets lined with shops and cafes and the cliffside views is perfect for an elopement experience. The pastel buildings lining the cliffside of Oia are at their finest when bathed in the glow of sunset. The famous Oia windmill, one of the most recognized buildings in Santorini, overlooks the cliffside making for an iconic Santorini shot.

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You want a once in a lifetime experience

Imagine a wedding ceremony at one of the most picturesque chapels on the island of Santorini, whitewashed with vivid blue details and breathtaking views to the Aegean Sea, the volcano, and the Caldera. Or picture yourself on the beach, barefoot, with your friends and family, exchanging vows of eternal love and commitment, feeling the water touching your feet. Of course, a wedding can also be held at the terrace of the hotel, with exquisite views and with the luxury and comfort you are entitled to. Either way, the sun will set as you are celebrating your love and the magnificent colors will embrace you both – this is the epitome of romance, surrounded by nature’s wonders!

Many know the island in the Cyclades as a picture-perfect holiday destination. But Santorini has become more than that – recently it has developed into a well-known address for destination weddings. Atop one of the spectacular hotel-terraces, at the beach or in a historic chapel there is only one possible answer: Yes! 

Santorini makes a stunning backdrop for your wedding in Greece. We simply adore it and loved to have been able to capture so many beautiful wedding days there! This oasis of scenic natural beauty, an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, distinct white-washed buildings, and sparkling ocean waters set against the brilliant blue sky. Santorini will impress you and crown your wedding day in utmost beauty!

Looking for a wedding photographer in Santorini to capture the beauty of your wedding day? We’ll be glad to do the honors! We’d be glad to do the honors! Contact us or schedule your call!


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