How to Have a Meaningful Wedding Day

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How to make your wedding day memorable

Rejoice in small things and they will continue to grow ― Slaven Vujic

Nowadays, there are hundreds of wedding planning ideas and to-dos regarding your wedding. It is easy to get lost in the things leading to a wedding so we wanted to create a list of things for you and your soon-to-be-spouse to think of to make it feel personal and meaningful. Keep on reading for the things we think will make your wedding feel like home.

What’s your style?

We know you’ve probably have some ideas about how you want your wedding to look like but here’s our advice when brainstorming for your wedding. Snuggle up on the couch with a hot chocolate or tea and think about the most important things you and our love want for your wedding. This will help find your wedding style! Think of the things you’ve seen at other weddings and made you teary. Include to your wedding day those that speak to your heart! Ask your partner what kind of ceremony would he/she likes and think whether you want a traditional affair, a modern one or a religious one!

What’s your music?

Now that you know what you need for your wedding ceremony, it’s time to think about your music! There are a lot of moments to incorporate music into a wedding. Family entrances, your bridal party, your entrance to the venue or church, your hand ceremony music, there’s plenty! Think about whether you want traditional wedding songs or the funny songs you guys both love. Can you remember the song that was playing during your first kiss? Every time you listen to the song you choose afterward will bring you right back to your wedding day! You need to Include music that has meaning to you!

close up of love letter wedding vows for a lisbon wedding

What are you vowing to each other?

Make sure you take enough time to write something that’s authentic and meaningful for your love without feeling like there’s no time. Agree on the overall style with your partner and get writing! Our tip for saving your vows special forever? Calligraph them to a professional! It will give so much more meaning and they will look perfect!

What about Personalizing?

This is where you crack all the heirlooms open. Meaningful objects incorporated into your wedding ceremony will give it so much more content. That beautiful crystal goblets of your grandmother might be perfect for communion or the roses you kept from your first date can be included in a bouquet. Use something you both find heartwarming and know it’s there.

wedding group photos by les anagnou

Where’s the family?

Including friends and family to your wedding ceremony will simply warm your heart and theirs! The most typical way of bringing close ones to your wedding is having a friend of family member officiate your wedding. Perks? They will incorporate such lovely details to your ceremony including your love story from their perspective. You can also have a friend do a reading or the “ring warming”. Having your rings being past between a few people before reaching you the people passing the ring, are sending it with a well-wish on your marriage!

What are your cultural wedding traditions?

The blending of cultures and bringing that to the wedding day can allow both people to be equally represented in what will be a forever equal partnership. Talk with your partner about the important cultural traditions you’d like to add to your wedding ceremony and come up with a plan to join both of your cultures!

groom reading vows at spetses wedding

Ceremony Readings?

Whether you want your wedding ceremony reading to be deep or light-hearted, you can pull ideas from your favorite movies, spiritual books, one of the many romantic sonnets on Poetry Foundation or your other favorite authors. Nothing here is wrong. Find the words that make you feel a little weak in the knees, something you’ll cherish forever! You could also have a writer friend write something important to you!

Wedding Wuf Wufs?

Including your furry friend, who is really family, is a lovely idea to consider! Your puppy could bring your wedding rings or walk you down the aisle! The choice is yours and the ways to incorporate your furry friends to your wedding are plenty!

We hope these ideas will help create a meaningful wedding ceremony that feels like you. Taking the time to think all these details will give and give you the chance to have a wedding that you’ll both cherish forever!

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