How to plan for your perfect wedding detail shots: Our guide

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Curating your wedding to perfection

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. – Leonardo Da Vinci

It’s all in the details.

Never have we ever seen a wedding (and trust us we’ve seen plenty) with the same details as the previous one. Every couple wants something unique for their wedding and they have spent money and time making sure everything looks perfect for their wedding day. We always perceive weddings as a story. Each story has a beginning a middle and an ending, something that in wedding translates with the save the dates and the invitations, the actual wedding, and the after-party. We like to make sure that our way of shooting weddings tells your story in the most powerful way possible. But to have this wholesome, unified result we always advise our couples to work on their details! A picture-perfect wedding starts with the perfect color palette. Your wedding planner should provide you with a detailed chart of your wedding colors and aesthetics, in a way that’s clear and understandable so you can work your detail curation around that. But that’s only the beginning. Wondering what you need for perfect details? Keep on reading!


Stationery + Paper Goods

We can’t stress enough how important stationery is for setting the tone of your wedding. Thinking about it it’s the first thing your wedding guests see. A compelling stationery suite and finely curated paper goods will make your wedding atmosphere cohesive and add to the concept. When planning a classic and luxurious affair you can opt for minimal and sophisticated invites that highlight your style or if you’re opting for a romantic affair fine art paper goods made of rough paper are a perfect choice. We just love to see what our couples choose, we get to understand so many things from the stationery – just like your guests do!

detail shot with wedding stationery and paper goods for a destination wedding in Tuscany by les anagnou

Ring Boxes + Rings

Heirloom ring boxes are a way to store your precious rings until your wedding day or where your diamonds won’t get dusty if you don’t want to wear them every day. Investing in a good quality ring box will make sure you know exactly were the rings are on your wedding day and it’s a lovely memento of your love. We love the personalized velvet ones by The Mrs Box or Voeu Du Coeur. The plush velvet not only feels so luxurious to the touch but it’s also extremely beautiful to photograph! Also, you could choose a fun color that will bring that extra something to the wedding photographs. If velvet isn’t your cup of tea, ring boxes made out of porcelain, glass or wood can be a very sophisticated choice! Just make sure you and your fiancé love it and everything else will work.

bella belle wedding shoes for a wedding flat lay shot by les anagnou

Wedding Shoes + Heirloom Jewelry Pieces

Name one bride who wasn’t obsessed with her wedding shoes. We know none! Beautiful wedding shoes can elevate your wedding style to the maximum and they could work as little works of art for us to photograph. We always advise our brides to invest in a beautiful pair of shoes because its true that the shoes are what they remember! Our favorite ones to photograph are Bella Belle Shoes or other refined embellished shoes because they are so visually dynamic. Of course, if sparkle and shine are not your things don’t worry. Just choose the shoes that make you feel like you can conquer the world! Your wedding jewelry is something we love capturing as well. No matter ff it’s new and you chose it specifically for your wedding or if it’s a piece shared through the generations in your family, your wedding jewelry is an important detail factor on your wedding day.

fine art wedding photography detail shot by les anangnou film photographers

Perfume Bottles

The perfume industry never ceases to amaze us with the beauty of perfume bottles. Although wedding perfumes deserve a blog post on their own, choosing a beautiful perfume will add to the detail shots! Some companies personalize their bottles for wedding days if you want that extra something. Make sure your wedding perfume is how you want your wedding memories to smell like!

red dahlias and orange tulip for a wedding detail shot


Make sure you ask your florist to bring some extra spare flowers for your wedding photographer. Bloomed detail shots look like a dream and the flowers tie the detail shots to the rest of your wedding photographs. If your wedding florals were built on a specific flower, adding it to the detail shots will create a cohesive concept that will match the rest of the arrangements perfectly.

wedding photography detail shot with roses and silk ribbons

Silk Ribbons

Nothing beats silk in feel and movement. Silk ribbons always create beautiful curls and shapes on our flat lays and if in the colors of the wedding they tie the whole look together! Your wedding planner could help you decide on silk ribbons!
Details shots are extremely important if you ask any wedding photographer. It a place where we can experiment with texture. We use everything, your flowers, the beading on your veil, the calligraphy on the invites, the way your jewelry sparkles in the sunlight. Make sure you pay attention to each detail and curate it perfectly to create the wedding of your dreams! After all, the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

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