Demi & Loukas | Hydra Destination Luxury Wedding


October 7, 2021

Our love for a wedding in Hydra is known, no wonder why Demie and Lucas’s wedding was one of our favorite from the past season! This wedding was one of the most beautiful and luxurious weddings, full of opulent elements and a glamorous vibe running through each detail.

The wedding was held on the breathtaking island of Hydra. Less than two hours from Athens, Hydra fills up with chic people on the weekends. This wonderful island is a place worth spending more time at and was once home to musician Leonard Cohen and many other artists, who fell head over heels for this captivating isle. Couples come to disconnect and slow down, but also to see and be seen. Hydra is perhaps the most beautiful port village in all of Greece. The small, boat-filled harbor ringed with cafes, restaurants, and gold shops is surrounded by a village of stone houses and mansions that rise up the hills like an amphitheater. Hydra has such a glamorous side to it. This is just one of the many reasons that couples from all over the world flock to the pathways of Hydra each summer and why Demie and Lukas chose it to get married.

Leave it to our brides to choose all the best wedding details and be as glamorous as Hollywood stars on their wedding day! Demie, the spitting image of a movie star was nothing but breathtaking. She chose a figure-hugging and alluring lace wedding dress and styled it with effortless curls, stunning shoes, and diamonds. Oh! And let’s not forget her breathtaking cathedral veil that gave us much room to play as she was getting ready on Hydrea Hotel, a gem on the island! Our dear groom was quite James Bond-esque, debonair, and handsome in his sharp suit waiting for his darling bride!

Word famous for being car-free, the only means of transport in Hydra are the donkeys – a classic greek summer image. The bride and groom were carried by donkeys with flower garlands and ribbons, such a romantic image that brought everyone back to simpler days giving the atmosphere a charm of the past.

The couple worked closely with Fevronia, one of the most talented planners in Greece that made sure their wedding day was impeccable and romantic as they dreamed it would be. After the heartwarming ceremony in the Monastery of Hydra, a beautiful reception followed on the island’s golden place to be, Sunset Hydra. There flower-decorated tables and traditional greek delicacies welcomed the guests.

Choosing Hydra for a wedding is undoubtedly a beautiful choice, especially if you love a laid-back yet glamorous atmosphere. Our couple sure was one of a kind, with its romantic style and certain Hollywood aura. Dozens of fireworks and flowers made the atmosphere dreamy while everyone danced the night away wishing eternal love to a couple that sure knew how to make a lasting impression! We love celebrations like these where the style is impeccable and the feelings are real! We wish Demie and Lucas all the happiness in the world!

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