Ask a wedding photographer in Greece: Is Hydra the right place to get married?


July 22, 2021

We’ve been a wedding photographer in Greece for many years now, enough to know that a wedding on the Greek island of Hydra will forever be the romantic dream that came true! Following our numerous blog posts for wedding destinations in Greece and after answering why a couple should choose Santorini for their wedding, today we will be talking about Hydra.

Another greek island to adore, Hydra has a really unique character that will speak and inspire couples looking for a wedding location with a cosmopolitan flair and elegant personality. The lovely island of Hydra offers a lot of romantic wedding locations. Small luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, and private beautiful estates are ideal for your destination wedding in Greece.

But let’s talk about:

  • Hydra island and why is lovely for a wedding
  • Why should a couple choose Hydra for their wedding?
  • Wedding ceremonies on Hydra Island
  • Which couples will find the island attractive?
  • Where to stay and have your wedding in Hydra?

Hydra through the eyes of a wedding photographer Greece

Hydra Island – one of Greece’s Saronic Islands – lies in the Aegean Sea between the Argolic Gulf and the Saronic Gulf. Formally known as Hydrea, this lesser-known Greek island is an enchanting destination graced with natural springs among other highlights. It has only one main town known as Hydra port with a population of around 1900 people. While small, the port remains busy almost all year round and is the home to a crescent-shaped harbor that is surrounded by many shops and galleries that attract both locals and tourists. The island of Hydra is located in one of the most beautiful locations, very close to Athens, overlooking the crystal waters of the Aegean. Upon arriving, the island opens up to an equally magnificent stretch of traditional houses: a romantic and enchanting location for celebrating your destination wedding in Hydra. Hydra Island has an understated, sophisticated, jet-set appeal combined with a traditional, unassuming, rural style that’s utterly captivating.

Less than two hours from Athens, Hydra fills up with chic Greeks at weekends. This wonderful island is definitely a place worth spending more time at and was once home to musician Leonard Cohen and many other artists, who fell head over heels for this captivating isle. Couples come to disconnect and slow down, but also to see and be seen. Wily cats and weary donkeys patrol the back alleys, but all the action happens along the waterfront. Hydra is perhaps the most beautiful port village in all of Greece. The small, boat-filled harbor ringed with cafes, restaurants, and gold shops is surrounded by a village of stone houses and mansions that rise up the hills like an amphitheater.

Hydra has a very glamorous side to it. This is just one of the many reasons that tourists from all over the world flock to the pathways of Hydra each summer. Its most famous for its fine architecture, pebbly beaches, and its captivating character. With its beauty, luxurious hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops, Hydra is surely a perfect place to Get Married in Greece.

Why should a couple choose Hydra?

Hydra is the most unspoiled even though it is the most popular. The reason is that growth has been limited and while the other islands expand outward to accommodate tourism, Hydra has remained the same by not allowing new buildings, only the restoration of old ones, many of which are from the 19th century and older. One of the most charming things about Hydra is that there are no cars. Everything is moved by donkeys, including groceries, building supplies, people, and their luggage. Chances are the first thing you will notice upon arriving in Hydra are the donkeys and mules lined up in the port, waiting for something or someone to carry. All these elements and unique traits of the island, will add charming personality to your wedding and give your guests a unique experience filled with Mediterranean flair and cosmopolitan grace!

Wedding ceremonies that can be held in Hydra

Civil ceremonies in Hydra can be held in various locations around the island. Civil wedding ceremonies in Hydra are directed by the Deputy Mayor, all European nationalities or those who require travel visas can get married in Hydra’s local town hall. The local town hall is spacious and also very close to the harbor – walking distance – some couples prefer to have their civil wedding in Hydra in the same place as their wedding reception. The celebrant will be happy to accept to do the ceremony at a location of your choice but at a distance within reason and of course with prior notice and agreement.

Which couples will love Hydra?

We can’t think of a couple that wouldn’t;t love Hydra for their wedding. Cosmopolitan and elegant, relaxed and boho or deeply luxurious, there is something for everyone on the island.

For the couples considering a beach wedding, some of the must-visit beaches include Vlychos, a lovely, pebbled beach in the picturesque town of the same name, just 2km west of Hydra Town, Kaminia, 1km west of Hydra Town, and near the village of Vlihos. Spilia is a rocky “beach” with translucent blue waters and Agios Nikolaos, which is a remote and beautiful sandy beach. No wedding experience in Hydra is complete until you’ve taken a trip out in a boat as the island is only 50 kilometers square and is spectacular when seen from the water. Maybe the perfect prewedding idea?

Hydra is a popular weekend destination for couples during the summer given its size and proximity to Athens. Being a relatively small island, a couple of days are more than enough to explore it and experience many of its attractions. One thing the island is renowned for is its attractive architecture. The town is built on the slopes of a hill surrounding a port and seeing such a place for the first time with its sophisticated and picturesque stone mansions is quite nice. Due to the location and structure of the Island and its streets, it’s impossible to move around by vehicle. Hence Hydra’s traditional transport means have been the same for centuries: riding a donkey, by boat, or on foot. Check out Laila and Jack’s lovely wedding in Hydra, Jess and Andreas’s glamorous Hydra affair and Jenny and Tasos’s unforgettable wedding day in Hydra!

Hydra is also a great choice for passionate hiker couples and everyone seeking stunning landscapes, as the views one can get from the highest points of the island are nothing short of magnificent.

Where to stay and have your wedding in Hydra?

Check out the luxurious and elegant places such as Four Seasons Luxury Suites, Orloff Boutique Hotel, and Hotel Sophia for your wedding, as well as the island’s villas available for hire. There is no shortage of great wedding venues in Hydra!

Hydra is the definition of a small but hidden gem in the myriad of spectacular islands that spread across the Aegean and Ionian Seas of Greece. If you want a near to Athens yet picturesque and unique wedding destination Hydra might be for you! Its charm will seduce you and make you want to stay for a while before continuing your honeymoon in Greece.

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