Why you should have a wedding weekend?

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May 11, 2022

Being a wedding photographer for more than 20 years, we know that your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. The question is though, what if you could turn that day into an entire weekend? Many of our couples nowadays are choosing to host a multi-day celebration rather than a single day. This allows couples to spend more quality time with loved ones and really share in the joy of their union with friends and family. So, if you’re looking for reasons why a wedding weekend is a way to go regarding your wedding day, we’re here to help. Why spend just one day celebrating your love for one another when you can celebrate for an entire weekend?

A way to Spend More Time With Friends and Family

We’ve heard it countless times, one of the most common things brides and grooms say about their wedding celebration is that it goes by in a flash. By hosting an entire wedding weekend, you can extend that “best day ever” feeling for just a little longer. This also means you will get to spend more quality time with all of your guests. A huge bonus of hosting a wedding weekend is that you can have an extended celebration and get to spend more time with your loved ones. Especially after all the postponements and stay-at-home orders, it feels even more special to be with your loved ones for an extended period of time.

Less worrying about planning

By hosting a weekend-long event, you take the guesswork out of planning for your friends and family. Having scheduled events throughout the weekend not only gives your guests something to do, but it gives them the chance to meet new people or have a new experience. Not sure what kinds of events to host? Some very fun and popular ideas include a welcome cocktail hour at a local boutique hotel or amazing restaurant, wine or spirit tasting, and a celebration on the beach.

All about an Immersive Guest Experience

Stretch beyond the confines of a one-day celebration by offering your guests an opportunity to enjoy a unique and fun weekend. “When it comes to a weekend wedding, you have the freedom to get more creative with the structure and flow of the event and make it a lot more personalized. We love when smaller more intimate gatherings happen on Thursday, like a rehearsal dinner or family dinner and couples kick off the weekend by having the rest of the guests join for a dessert and drinks party. Accounting for some downtime throughout the weekend also allows your guests to form their own relationships and explore the area on their own terms. Having a night to explore and adventure gives your guests the opportunity to make personal connections and memories along the way.

What You’re Passionate About as a Couple

Expanding your celebration over multiple days allows you to put together a variety of events and gatherings that are reflective of you as a couple. We love when couples allow their planned weekend to share the personal connection and joy they hold for their passions with all of their guests. Including your friends and family in the hobbies, you enjoy as a couple will make the weekend even more special.

We will do anything to prolong the beauty and bliss of a wedding day and that is why we are firm believers in opting for a wedding weekend – it’s a decision that pays up in the long term and will give you and your guests memories that will last a lifetime!

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