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A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever. – Unknown

Planning a wedding is a series of decisions. Two of the first decisions that every bride and groom will make are about their venue and photographer. Whether you have found your wedding photographer or looking at different photography packages, the question of a wedding album is bound to come up. Are they worth the cost and what are the reasons for having one created for you? We love creating wedding albums for our couples. Printing the photos so that they may be enjoyed off the screen is so very important! An heirloom-quality wedding album will stand the test of time, creating that timelessness we’re promising to our clients. Your photos will be out to the world to be touched, enjoyed and cherished forever.

So, according to our experience, here are three reasons ordering a wedding album from your wedding photographer will be the best choice you’ve ever done!

01. Showcase the Beauty

Once your wedding is over you just want to see your photos so you can relive it all again. However, having a physical book to look through is a lot different from scrolling through your photos on your phone, iPad or computer. “We intended to create our album, but just never got around to it.” I’ve heard this way too many times! Tempting as it is to try to cut down on the package price by skipping on the wedding album, the reality is that life often gets busier after your wedding. Of course you could do this yourself, and there are many online platforms where you can get books printed. Yet, it takes time, it takes time to pick out photos to include, ordering them, positioning them and laying it all out. As wedding photographers wehave experience of doing this and we know the best way to layout and structure the album. We will pick photos that work well with each other and create an album that will tell the story of your day. It is standard to get your files via a USB or to download them. However, you are staring at a screen when you should unplug and view your photos in a physical book. It’s easy to put the wedding album on the back-burner. Before you know it, you’re celebrating your third anniversary and that album remains on your ever-growing to-do list. Ordering an album from your wedding photographer is a tick off your list. Moreover, there is something about the high-quality feel, touch and even smell of a freshly printed album. An album and book that is unique to you, something that you will treasure. Something that allows you to sit down with your partner and go through it page by page.

02. An Artist’s Point of View

When we photograph each wedding, we’re always saying an individual wedding story. A wedding album is a storybook of your day, unique to you. It is the story from getting ready, the moment your bridesmaids see you in the dress, arriving in the car, walking down the aisle, the smile on your partner’s face, the tear in your mum’s eye, the celebration, the champagne, the joy and happiness on guests faces. This book is all about your day and when we put it together we will select and order photos to tell a beautiful story that will help you relive the day. This is where having your photographer produce it is worth it. One of our favorite parts of the wedding process is curating images for the wedding album. We pull together the best images from the wedding day and use them for a pre-design. This lets our clients have some idea of what the album design will look like. There is always an opportunity for them to make changes to the photographs that are in this pre-design, but that is much less overwhelming than having to select images from the full gallery. As this is done for you by your photographer, the excitement of seeing it for the first time and going through it will leave you in tears. Tears of joy and happiness as you see your photos for the first time and relive your day.

03. If You Can Feel It, It’s Real

A wedding album is something that you will treasure forever. This little book will hold all your memories of one of the happiest days of your life. You will keep it safe, you will show it to family, and you will every so often reach for it to relive your special day. One place that professional printing matters is in the wedding album. Considering this is an heirloom that’s likely to be passed down to future generations, you want ink, paper and binding that can stand the test of time and make it timeless. Ordering your wedding album from your photographer will also ensure colors print as accurately as possible. This book is a story and something you will certainly treasure. Unlike a USB hidden away in a drawer, you will keep this book within easy reach.


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