Wedding Tips That’ll Help You Plan a Memorable Celebration


February 17, 2023

Planning a wedding can be an intimidating—if not, an all-consuming—process, with an overwhelming amount of choices that need to be made amidst limited time and resources. However, the good news is that you’re not alone, with millions of brides who’ve paved the way (and learned all the valuable lessons) before you. Today, we’re rounding up all the important tips brides gave us throughout the years, or that we know from our experience – thank us later!

Don’t skimp on a photographer

The time and money couples invest into researching and hiring a photographer and videographer were well spent. Wedding photography is an immensely sentimental part of every wedding. But as the costs surrounding the event begin to rise, it can be tempting to skimp on a wedding photographer to save money. Wedding coverage involves so much more than a solitary photographer with a camera. Photographers are responsible for capturing moments, portraying emotions through photographs, and telling a story that’s worthy of a fairy tale. It would be best to look for photographers who have experience in covering weddings to get the most out of their service. Experienced wedding photographers can anticipate moments before they happen, capturing all the emotions and expressions you wouldn’t want to miss. The wedding may be yours, but the photographs will be viewed by hundreds of people. They’re a visual memoir of one of the most important days of your life. Your children and grandchildren will cherish them for years to come. Getting a professional photographer will ensure your photos turn out just how you want them to—encapsulating the day’s magic.

Create a photography list

Of course, every good wedding photographer will have their list of important moments to capture as everybody has different styles, but it’s still a good idea to create your own, particularly if there are key elements or people you want to get a shot of. Talk to your photographer about whether or not they take a shot list, depending on their style, some prefer to capture on the fly, while others may have their own template. Give your wedding photo checklist to your photographer, so they know exactly what you’re hoping to see in your wedding photographs, and you can get busy enjoying your day safe in the knowledge that it’s all being taken care of by a professional.

Digitize your RSVPs

This is a tip many brides brought to our attention. They saved on mailing costs by having all of their guests RSVP online. Also, the latest trend in digitized RSVPs is QR codes to RSVP, which are wonderful and convenient. Your wedding guests can quickly and efficiently RSVP on their cell phones. We highly recommend that as your guests will love it and it’s trendy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I know it’s hard, but try not to worry about anyone or anything the day of. It goes by so fast, so wasting any of your energy or moments on being upset is not worth it. There are endless things that can go wrong at a wedding – or even during the wedding planning, but you can’t sweat the small stuff. What seems like a big deal to some, can seem minor to others, and vice versa. The key to planning a wedding is to keep calm, expect bumps in the road and remember, it’s your day and it’s going to be the best day ever – no matter what. Only you can control your attitude – so if you’re having fun and just laughing and brushing off minor mishaps, everyone will follow your lead and enjoy themselves!

Incorporate personal touches

Make your wedding uniquely yours with meaningful touches that reflect you and your partner. Remember the day is about you, your partner, and the things you both love. Yet, amid the chaos of wedding planning, you might forget that in place of location scouting, securing vendors, and watching your budget. Logistics aside, your wedding should be uniquely yours with meaningful touches that reflect you and your spouse.

Spend time with your partner

Planning and hosting a wedding is no easy task, but juggling responsibilities doesn’t end when you walk down the aisle. A wedding day has so much preparation and it’s a whirlwind. Keeping guests entertained, mingling with friends and family, and maybe trying to sneak a bite to eat can get a bit overwhelming. You might not even notice that you and your new spouse get separated during the festivities. While your guests need to know that you appreciate them coming to your big day, your wedding is still most importantly about you and the person you love most. Whether you do a first look or not, make sure you prioritize a private moment together after your ceremony to celebrate and take it all in.

Pack an extra dress

As weddings evolved from one-in-the-same to one-of-a-kind, so did the bride’s style choices. Today, while trends of the time still play a role in the design of the dress, a wedding dress speaks more to a bride’s unique style than to the overarching era. She can choose everything from the dress’s fabric and pattern to its neckline and hemline. Big ball gowns and tulle skirts speak to more feminine brides, while chic sheath silhouettes and lace panels speak to the more bohemian bride. But a bride isn’t limited to just one style. In recent years, the “reception dress” has gained popularity as another way to show off her favorite fashions. A second dress for your wedding reception can be both a fun style choice and a logical one. It can let you leave the train behind and move and groove around the reception with ease.

Serve themed cocktails

A popular wedding trend today is to feature a special, predetermined cocktail inspired by each member of the happy couple. There are a few reasons why you might opt to serve a signature drink at your wedding or dinner party. First, it lets you customize your celebration even more and gives it a more personal touch. These drinks can offer your guests a glimpse into your relationship and personality. They also just feel special. A thoughtful touch could also be to print it as a recipe card and include it with your thank you notes. Second, it may speed things up at the bar. Signature cocktails are often pre-made in batches so service is quick and easy. Your guests can spend less time waiting in line and more time on the dance floor or enjoying their meal.

Invest in a wedding planner

Oh, wedding planning. It’s fun, isn’t it? You buy all the planners, start a Pinterest board and then sit down to compile your list of must-have vendors. It’s fun until it isn’t. There are endless emails, confirmations, bills to pay, and budgets to organize and revisit. And then revisit. And again. Then there is co-ordinating vendors, and the venue, ensuring everything is organized. And all of this is before your wedding day! If it sounds exhausting, you need a wedding planner. This is our most important of all wedding planning tips. Planners know the extensive hours that go into planning a wedding, and the sheer number of emails and phone calls needed to coordinate. Also, sometimes a wedding builds up to be bigger than you imagined, and suddenly it isn’t as fun anymore. This is where a planner steps in.

Give out disposable cameras

Disposable cameras are fun! Their simplicity means that anyone can pick up a disposable camera and start shooting. Everyone can be a photographer and it can inspire some people to create some really cute and fun poses while making great memories for you and your spouse. You end up with so many candid shots and get a glimpse into the moments you might have missed. Plus, having disposable cameras available just seems to liven up the reception crowd! The fun factor of a disposable camera is a major pro when considering whether or not to buy disposable cameras for your wedding.

Test your undergarments

Our advice as a wedding photographer is to make sure all your undergarments fit properly. Get measured at a reputable retailer (for larger sizes, underwires will give the ultimate support, while having cups sewn into a dress may be sufficient for brides with smaller sizes). Avoid stick-on styles and test-drive your undergarments to ensure they’re still secure and comfortable after a long day. If you feel uncomfortable will show on the photographs so testing is your friend here.

Make an Exit They’ll Remember

Fireworks, confetti, dancing? Here’s another wedding tip; no one wants your wedding night to end, but since it has to, go out on a high note. Do a fun and festive farewell, like a fireworks show, sparkler exit, or confetti send-off. Everyone will love it, and it will make for some amazing photos and memories!

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