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Travel brings power and love back into your life. ― Rumi Jalalud-Din

The most exciting thing about being a wedding photographer is all the locations you visit and the new people you meet! Portugal had always charmed us with its unique colors and flavors, as well as its heritage! We were very lucky to have met Anastasia Ivanova-Halla of Dream Weddings Europe, one of the most prestigious wedding agencies in Portugal, at a wedding last year! We thought what better than let her tell us about weddings in Portugal and how a couple can tie the knot in Lisbon and other major cities and picturesque locations in Portugal! Ready to know everything about weddings in Portugal? Keep on reading!


What should a couple consider before getting married in Portugal?

I believe that if the couple is planning a big celebration (with around 100 guests and more) in Portugal, first of all, they need to visit the country before deciding. Nowadays I see lots of couples who want to get married somewhere without visiting the entire country. For me, this is a mistake, because you have to know the culture, love the food and drinks, the architecture – at least. Talking about Portugal, this is also a specific country with its culture and mentality. Portugal is very old, which you can easily find at many vintage venues – please be sure you like it. The weather is quite windy, because of the Atlantic ocean, that’s why we don’t recommend outdoor receptions (maybe only in the Algarve – the most southern region). These kinds of details you’ll find in every country. However, talking about micro weddings and elopements it’s easier because the couple doesn’t need to take care of many people. Especially talking about a wedding only for 2, couples frequently travel to Portugal for the first time and elope at the same time – why not?

 What types of weddings can the country accommodate?

Any type! Portugal is a multicultural country, people here are very friendly and they love tourists. Besides traditional European or American weddings, there is a huge amount of African and Brazilian weddings. Indian weddings are also popular. Arabic and Jewish weddings are not very usual, but sometimes also happen. In Portugal, you’ll find mostly catholic churches, but there are also some orthodox, Muslim, Jewish. Talking about the size, there are no restrictions.

What’s the wedding style you think fits best with the country’s style?

I would say the best options are: garden style weddings, romantic weddings at the castles or historical venues, and boho weddings for sure. Can’t recommend the rustic style, because I don’t see any venue that fits the rustic style for 100%. Also, I can’t recommend beach style weddings, since all the beaches belong to municipalities and usually full of people (except winter).

Why should a couple get married in Portugal?

Because Portugal is unique! Go and read about its history- this is incredible. My favorites are nature and seafood. Talking about weddings, I love that you can find here beautiful venues and great quality vendors with good prices. 

Which are your favorite three wedding venues in Portugal?

Penha Longa, Pestana Palace and Quinta da BellavistaDefinitely, places to check out for your wedding day or a romantic honeymoon!

Lisbon or somewhere else?

Portugal is so small! Talking about a continental part. It could be any place. But Madeira island is something very special to me. Madeira Island is one of Europe’s most beautiful travel locations with many people returning back year after year!  It offers not only an all year round summer climate, as well as wonderful fauna and flora, but it is also virtually crime-free and one of the safest wedding destinations in the world!

Where is the most beautiful location in Portugal to tie the knot?

Everywhere! Hard to choose!

Which local elements do you love incorporating into your wedding designs?

It’s very common to incorporate a traditional tile pattern- azulejo, a form of Portuguese and Spanish painted tile, world famous for its charm! Besides this, I’m getting inspired by the chosen venue, by the gardens, by the ocean.

What’s your favorite thing about being a wedding planner in Portugal?

In Portugal or other countries, I love to make people happy. This is my goal. No matter how tired I am, but when the couple tells me after the wedding “thank you so much, it was perfect”, these words give me a superpower.

What are three things you’d advise the couples that choose to have a wedding in Portugal?

I would strongly advise them to hire me as a wedding planner and Les Anagnou as photographers!

What inspired you to be a wedding planner in Portugal?

I fell I love with the country since my first visit many-many years ago. The ocean and its power just took my heart. Then history, then food, then people. Portugal is an Atlantic jewel and this is very inspiring!

We hope Anastasia has answered all of your questions about weddings in Portugal (look her up on Instagram, you’ll be amazed!)! We think that Portugal is breathtaking as a wedding location, one with style and elegance you can’t find anywhere in the world! A perfect choice for the eclectic couples looking for a tasteful and unique destination! Don’t forget to check our detailed Lisbon Wedding Guide and dream big for your special celebration!

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