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Some of us have deeper feelings for one over another. It can’t be helped. It’s chemistry. It’s inherent. You can’t make yourself love someone you don’t and you can’t make yourself stop loving someone you do.
― Kate McGahan

Wedding photography and standing in front of a bunch of people smiling at a camera seems daunting for many couples. It’s common, we’ve seen it hundreds of times! For example, we got an email the other day from a dear couple and the bride was asking us what to do regarding wedding poses and how to ensure her wedding photos will be great. So we thought why not turn this into a blog post and hopefully help all our couples and fellow brides and grooms online looking for tips! We are sharing some major expertise to ensure you’re comfortable in front of the camera and that it shows in all the right ways! At the end of the day, we want you to execute the cutest photo gallery your social media has ever seen. There’s plenty to discuss, shall we?

1. Focus on the Chemistry

Dress; on point. Makeup; on fleek. In love; obviously! It’s your wedding day!  It’s best if you go with the flow of the day and take it easy, enjoying the process of creating on-camera chemistry between the two of you. A stressed bride is a tense bride! Stress shows up in photos, and no one likes a forced smile. Embrace your love, and embrace yourself! We advise our couples to touch each other all the time, in any small & natural way. Hold hands or kiss, flirt or simply admire your lover. By interacting with each other you engage the chemistry that led you to get married. Trust your love and trust each other. The best photos look natural, so don’t overthink.

What’s the most important tip we give to the brides and grooms? Smile! Nothing will make you look more beautiful than a genuine smile. If you have trouble smiling naturally, giggle. A fake laugh almost always brings out a real smile.

2. It’s all in the Posing; Wedding Photography Poses

Posture and knowing how to pose is key to ensuring good wedding photos. The tricks are fairly simple and you have to do is remember them. Of course, we’re pointing these this out when we’re taking your pictures but try to remember them when walking down the aisle or cutting the cake! You might be nervous, but keep your head up, even if smiling isn’t going to happen. 

Practice good posture: arching your back, even when sitting down. This will make you look more confident. A good body language means making your body parts speak the right way. For example, to avoid a double chin, hold your head up high and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It works wonders! Moreover, an instant waist-shrinker is turning your torso toward the photographer at a 45-degree angle. Plus, if your wedding dress is sleeveless keep your arms bent and pulled slightly away from your body instead of holding them flat against your sides. Additionally, pose with most of your weight on one leg that gives you a more relaxed, curvaceous look. Wondering what to do with your hands? Hold onto your bouquet, your veil, your dress or your husband’s hand. Naturally.

3. Let’s go on a date

Seriously, let’s spend some time together. Kissing your lover in front of a stranger can be intimidating for anyone. We always recommend scheduling a photo session with our couples before your wedding so that we can get to know each other. This will allow you to get the awkwardness out of your system before the big day. If a pre-wedding photoshoot is off the table, schedule a skype call with them so that you can get to know each other “face to face.” To get some of those day-of jitters out of your system. Moreover, you can’t always properly vet a photographer by looking solely at their work. You should feel comfortable with us, we’ll be shadowing your every move on your wedding day and interacting with all of your guests. Ask us to see a full wedding or two from our portfolio and let’s talk about it.

4. Let’s do an engagement shoot

Once you hire a photographer, a pre-wedding photoshoot is never bad. It’s a great opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and being in front of a lens. Moreover, you’ll be able to give us feedback on what photos, poses and cues you liked (and didn’t) before your wedding day.

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5. Lighting makes perfect

Lighting is step number one and most important while it can make or break your wedding photos. Keep this in mind both indoors & outdoors. To achieve great wedding photos we’ll need to shoot in shade, overcast, or direct sunlight. When shooting inside, find the windows and avoid excessive orange, yellow or blue light. If you have your eye on that gorgeous old chapel, keep in mind that those photos usually won’t wind up looking light & airy as it most likely will be too dark in the inside. In advance, make sure to plan to escape right before sunset for a warm portrait session filled with sunset magic (golden hour hello!)

Bonus: what you need in your wedding makeup kit

Ask your maid of honor to carry a kit and have your photographer tell you when you need a touch-up. What we suggest is lipstick because you’re going to need to reapply frequently, blotting paper for shine control—especially once the dancing starts, eye shadow to make your eyes pop, q-tips to smooth out eye creases, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, blush as the lighting changes—a lighter touch for the day, a heavier one at night and a toothbrush and hairspray to target and tame flyaways! Are we forgetting something? Let us know in the comments!

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6. Schedule everything!

On your wedding day, everything will take longer than you think, from getting your hair done to getting dressed. Set a strict day-of timeline that leaves extra time to deal with mishaps without cutting into your photography session. First look photos are a great way to calm your nerves and have a quiet moment with your partner before you say “i do” in front of a crowd., besides being incredibly sweet and emotional.

7. Make a shot list, within reason

Be aware of the fact that your photographer already has so many things on their radar. They have a list that they keep in their minds to ensure they get all of the expected shots of your event from start to finish. Talk with your photographer about whether you want shots in black and white or color, and don’t forget to mention any particular décor details you want to be captured, maybe a flat-lay of your invitation suite, close-up ring shots or the stunning centerpieces your florist worked so hard on. While you’re sending these notes, attach a few photos of yourself you think you look amazing in, so your photographer understands how you want to look on your wedding day. So i recommend finding example photos from your photographer’s portfolio and sharing with them which looks & poses you gravitate towards and then hand them the reins. Trust your photographer!


8. Lose your phone

Give your phone & keys to a friend to hold onto for the day. Having bulging pockets adding awkward shapes to your silhouette is not a cute look. Make sure your pockets at the start of the big day and remind your wedding party & family members to empty their pockets before group photos!

9. Relax and enjoy your day

Try not to sweat the small stuff, like relocation of your portrait shoot because of rain or a flower girl meltdown during family shots. Moreover, allow your photographer to keep you on schedule, to frame the shots and to know what will look best, that’s why you hired them. If you’re always looking for the photographers, they won’t capture you sharing a look with your new spouse or laughing with your friends. Your photographer should be the one worrying about capturing those moments—not you.

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