Top 5 tips for a stress free wedding planning in Greece


June 4, 2019

We can’t even count how many times we have encountered couples who are feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressing over their wedding planning journey. And of course, this is understandable given the significance of this life event. However, the wedding planning journey is a unique experience and is a process that you will both enjoy as you plan your celebrations. With so many choices to be made and so much readily available advice everywhere, we get how overwhelming this can be. That’s why we have gathered the top 5 tips for a stress free wedding planning! Insights from industry experts, wedding professionals, couple testimonials and our own experiences, all compiled in a simple and concise list for you to dig through.

1. Set up a wedding email address

First things first; get you a wedding only email address. It is very likely you will be communicating with lots of different vendors and professionals until the big day – you don’t need to see your personal mailbox being flooded with wedding related updates that will disrupt your work flow. Keep everything in a shared mailbox with your partner and enjoy the stress free wedding planning.

2. Join Pinterest and Instagram

We live in a very visual world – these days you can find pretty much anything just by googling it. So, when it comes to creating a life celebration why not seek inspiration from a very visual source too? Pinterest is the number one website brides go to for inspiration, tips, wedding photography and so much more. Give it a try, make your own boards and keep everything neat.

table set up for Villa Montanare in Tuscany

3. Split responsibilities with your partner

They key to enjoying a stress free wedding planning journey is to agree beforehand which areas of responsibilities each of you will have. Perhaps you are more interested in the floral arrangements and wedding photography and he is more into food tasting and picking the right DJ. It’s great if you apply the divide and conquer strategy for this one too. Remember; teamwork makes the dream work!

4. Take care of yourself

Let’s be honest: planning your wedding is perhaps one of the most stressful experiences one can have. But, if you plan accordingly and work with your partner you are bound to eliminate half the stress. The other half, you should remember to practice self-care. Do whatever makes you calm down; get that massage, go for drinks with the girls, enjoy a home cooked dinner with him, read your favorite book.

5. Enjoy the ride

Yes, we know this is what everyone will tell you – and that’s because it’s so true.Getting involved and actually planning your own wedding is a volatile, sometimes stressful process.  Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or get caught up in the small details, take a step back and remember why you are doing this. To celebrate love and sharing your life with your amazing significant other!

groom in hand with bride in front of washed out white church in santorini

We hope these top 5 tips for a stress free wedding planning journey to help you make the most out of this unforgettable experience. For more inspiration and helpful content, look through our website and dream about your own wedding date!

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