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Style Me Pretty Feature | Stephanie and Garrett | Portugal Destination Luxury Wedding


January 29, 2020

Featured on Style Me Pretty, Stephanie and Garrett’s wedding in Portugal is one of our favorites so far for its deeply luxurious aesthetics and moody yet refined color palette. Portugal has a peaceful feel about it and is one of the most enchanting countries. It’s not hard to fall in love with Portugal and Lisbon is one of our favorite cities in the world for its personality and vibrant buzzing character! The capital of Portugal was the perfect place for Stephanie and Garrett to celebrate their wedding day and join their lives forever! Knowing them, they could not have chosen a better city!

The Most Beautiful Wedding Day

Their wedding day was a floral-filled, colorful affair in shades of red, burgundy, and rich ruby inspired hues! What caught our attention was the wedding stationery inspired by Art Deco design and the dahlias in the wedding bouquet. These delicate florals gave such a unique character to the arrangements with their vibrant colors. For her beautiful wedding day, Stephanie chose an elegant and minimal wedding dress and golden Jimmy Choos, whereas Garret opted for a crisp Hollywood style tuxedo! Quite dapper, right? The ceremony was held in Herdale do Peru, a picture-perfect villa, overlooking a magnificent valley! Our couple said their vows under a beautiful arch consisting of dozens of jewel-toned flowers and no guest was left unmoved by their wedding promises. It was a true fairytale wedding! We were so surprised by how elegant the wedding dinner setting was in the gardens of Herdale do Peru. The couple chose a moody and luxurious palette of dark green linens and floral arrangements in burned red, pale pink and terracotta shades with pops of purple! Unique right? All the guests were amazed and had a perfect time as the sun was setting. Lisbon at night was truly magical and appropriate for Stephanie and Garrett’s luxurious wedding celebration! We love unique couples that want sophisticated wedding days with character and style!

Weddings in Portugal

In Les Anagnou we love wedding days that are filled with romance and love. We’d think that by now we’d have gotten used to seeing wedding days but each time the feeling is new to us. We always give our best shot (literally) and capture each wedding day most beautifully and timelessly possible. At the end of the day, our role is so much more than simply photographers. We’re in charge of making sure all your wedding day memories will stay with you forever. We were amazed at the love and warmth of Stephanie and Garrett both in their families and with each other. They were truly one of these couples that being around them simply felt intoxicating by their love.
For anyone thinking Portugal as a wedding location, we simply say go for it. The energy, the colors, the vibrant atmosphere, the warm-hearted people will create the wedding atmosphere you’ll cherish forever. The country has so much to offer from a photographic and a traveler’s point of view and the wedding memories are bound to be stunning! Take our word on this!

Planning your dream wedding in Portugal and looking for photographers that will capture all the beauty and romance of your day? Contact us!

art deco wedding stationery for a luxury wedding in lisbon portugal

wedding stationery for a wedding in Lisbon portugal

wedding vows for a destination wedding in Portugal by les anagnou wedding photographers

bride for a destination wedding in lisbon, portugal by les anagnou

red and burgundy wedding bouquet for a luxurious wedding in portugal

bride holding her moody wedding bouquet

les anagnou lisbon wedding photographers

romantic and luxurious destination wedding in portugal

bride and groom walking down the aisle by les anagnou wedding photographers in lisbon portugal

bride and groom kissing in front of the altar

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fine art destination wedding in portugal film photographers les anagnou

style me pretty Les Anagnou destination Wedding in portugal

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featured on style me pretty les anagnou lisbon wedding photographers

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style me pretty portugal wedding by les anagnou

green and red table setting for a portugal wedding by les anagnou

green and red wedding table setting in portugal by les anagnou

red and teracota wedding table centerpieces

Moody wedding in portugal by les anagnou destination wedding photographers

les anagnou wedding film photographers in Portugal



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