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Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. ― Albert Einstein

Part of being a wedding photographer or most likely a creative in general is staying fresh, afloat and current by participating in all things new and exciting and taking chances. We’ve been there when the trend was Instagram lives, when zoom meeting became a Friday night sensation and where Clubhouse showed up, quickly rising to popularity among the world. We love using technology to our benefit and most of all to meet professionals around the globe who share the same amount of excitement with us for everything new and for always staying in the front row!

What is Clubhouse?

In short: Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. The company describes itself as “a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

Basically, you can jump in and out of different chats, on different subjects, in something akin to a live, free-flowing podcast. You can simply listen or choose to throw in your thoughts. Imagine a cocktail party or, clubhouse.

Why we’re using Clubhouse?

All the clubbing we would do for the foreseeable future, Clubhouse holds a great opportunity for wedding photographers, planners, videographers, stylists and the list goes on! We’re using the platform because is it stellar for sharing our wisdom sparking from years and years in the wedding business. Also, for us and the professionals, we’re networking with, Clubhouse has been a major source of much-needed encouragement for destination wedding vendors like photographers and planners across the globe. The chats are extremely informative with topics that vary from photography style to surviving the pandemic and subjects like how to fine-tune your cancellation policies, to making sure your business is timeless and ever-growing. The value is great and the creativity plenty, making Clubhouse our newest obsession and the place we’re spending the nights with a glass of good wine!


Our Clubhouse event: 2020-2021 Weddings in Europe


Destination Weddings in Europe have been severely impacted by all this covid madness and the aftermath of the pandemic if we could say that it’s the aftermath we’re dealing with. For photographers, videographers, luxury planners, and wedding vendors in general, being able to network and share our thoughts is extremely important.

As a business coach myself, I know how important evaluation, thinking, and brainstorming is through a challenging period. The last year had major up and down for all the people in the luxury wedding market, especially professionals who had to deal with cancellations, postponements, change of plans, and evaluating their professional state. It’s been hard, but being able to talk about it has helped so much. With my lovely co-host Melanie Potamitou of Spendid Events, we decided it was time for a real wedding talk covering everything!

Our talk consisted of questions like “When and how did you build your brand? What kind of clientele are you dealing with?”, “ Discussing the problems of the destination market in 2021. What do you think will be different in 2021 as opposed to 2020? Which are the main differences and what will stay the same?”, “Surviving the pandemic. What do you do to keep the doors open for your business? Are you tapping into local markets? What is the survival strategy you’re following?”, “Let’s discuss the postponements and cancellation policies for 2021. What are your thoughts on the matter? How are you handling cancellations and postponements?”. Topics like these are very hot at the moment for all the creatives and wedding professionals there and getting to share them with a stellar team of vendors with years in the business was very beneficial for everyone!

A stunning team, unimaginable value

As a coach, I know that most of the time, a talk is as good as the people that are hosting it. And the team of vendors I’ve worked with was amazing, educated in the matters of wedding business, and lovely people altogether strongly focused on what they love most; planning unforgettable weddings and events. Each speaker brought his unique experience to the table, filled with valuable insight for everyone. Navigating the murky waters of a pandemic is hard for the wedding industry altogether, and being able to talk about it in a constructive valuable manner, definitely inspired us, everyone, to strive for more and keep on doing what we love! The exceptional professionals and lovely ladies that took part in the Clubhouse talk were Federica Beni an expert luxury destination wedding planner, Kate Holland editor in chief of Magnolia Rouge, Stephanie Fayolle a luxury fine art wedding planner, Isabelle Hesselberg film wedding photographer, Tiffaney Childs a U.S based wedding photographer and the talented Catherine Bradfield specialising in destination planning & floral design!

Are we planning to do more?

Of course, we do! Clubhouse is offering us a great opportunity to network, communicate, share thoughts and opinions. We’ll be hosting a series of talks with a wedding professional, tailored around the hot topics of the season, whether it’s the pandemic, website building, fine-tuning your business, and leveling up your career. It’s in the works, we couldn’t be happier! 

Paul x

Do you want to “listen” more? Find us on Clubhouse @lesanagnou!


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