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Diane & Samuel
Spetses Island, Greece


Planning: DeplanV

Dress: inbalravivbridal

Venue: Poseidon Hotel

Music: Viparties Events

Videography: Jim Grillas

Hair: Beauty Paths

“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” Leo Christopher


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We are always overfilled with excitement and joy when a wedding so fabulous like Diane and Samuel’s is featured in one of the best wedding blogs of the industry that we cannot wait but share more information and imagery from the unforgettable experience.
Samuel and Diane’s love story is one for the movies; met a few years back but only starting dating in 2016. Tried long distance between Switzerland and New York and in the end, made the decision to settle together in New York. Both coming from the creative industry and with a love for the outdoors, the wedding proposal could not disappoint; Samuel created a script for Diane to embark on a treasure hunt that would finish on a mountain top where the proposal took place. Can it get any more romantic than this?
So, when the time came to plan their destination wedding to Greece they made sure it would express who they really are and be a unique celebration for their family and friends who made it to Spetses Island.
A wedding by the beach, secluded and intimate in this remote piece of heaven. The wedding décor entailed accents of fuchsia bougainvillea beautifully weaved in the olive which made a subtle ode to the surroundings of the Greek Island. DeplanV was the best ally of the couple in turning their vision into reality. And you can tell by the pretty and genuine smiles of the couple that this has been their best day yet!
A beautiful ceremony by the water, where Diane and Samuel exchanged vows they have both written to each other and creating a very loving ambience. An unforgettable beach party that followed, where guests partied till the early morning, dance till their feet hurt and lots of genuine laughter and love all around this celebration.
But, let’s hear it from the bride herself; she has lots of insight and advice to share on what makes a wedding celebration unique and enjoyable!
A celebration that would be a true and authentic reflection of ourselves and of our love story. I think that was the motto that Samuel and I defined from the very beginning, when we started planning our wedding. We had been to too many weddings that, although often very beautiful, seemed to be someone else’s doing, rather than the bride and groom (be it a wedding planner, a family member, or – often – the couple trying to please or impress other people). We wanted something that would scream « this is us ».
And so we applied this « method » to basically all of our decisions (and trust me, there are A LOT to make). We made sure that we chose providers (photographers, videographers, music band, etc.) that we truly liked and whose work we admired. We made it a priority to talk with each of them before the wedding and clarify our needs, our taste, what we liked and did not like.
In addition, we made sure to put in as much personal time as we could to work on small details which seemed like nothing but would make our friends and family feel like this was really us, Sam and Diane, welcoming them into our celebration. Looking back, I have to say that this wedding was more amazing that we could have imagined in our wildest dreams. And if I am asked why, or how we achieved it, I would give the following advice: first, choose providers that you trust and who believe in your wedding and share your vision. This is the foundation for any successful wedding — if you have to start arguing with your wedding planners, the rest is going to be even tougher. Second: prepare, prepare, prepare. Everybody tells you « enjoy every second, it goes by in the blink of an eye » — and that is SO true. But in my opinion the only way to be able to enjoy every second is to work on every little detail in advance and make sure that you will not have to deal with anything on that day. Third (and most importantly): remember it is YOUR wedding. I feel like you get that advice from everybody and it sounds generic, but it really is SO IMPORTANT. Be strong, be focused on what you want for that day, and have the courage to voice it and stand by those choices. So many people (everyone, actually) will come to you with advice, saying that you « cannot wear red nail polish at your wedding, you should have a french manicure », that you « must invite that cousin even though you don’t know him, because it is your cousin » or that « those glasses are not nice enough, you should pay the additional price to have cristal glasses », etc. — it never ends. And if you agree with that advice, then by all means, go for it. But if you don’t: have the courage (it does actually take courage) to say no. It is your wedding and 20 years from now, you will likely regret choosing purple flowers although you hate purple just because your mother or wedding planner thought it would look nice; but I am pretty sure you will never regret wearing that red nail polish.
Look more of this wedding celebration and tell us in the comments what made your wedding unique and a true reflection of you as a couple!

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