How to Have a Macro Wedding (If you’re not a Minimalist)


January 29, 2023

Why go micro if a macro wedding is what you need? If minimalism and going small are not your thing and you want to surround yourself with a substantial number of people on your wedding day, a macro wedding in Greece is for you. Whereas a micro wedding is all about small, intimate details, a macro event involves the complete opposite. Macro weddings are traditional weddings with more extensive guest lists, and they tend to last the entire day or weekend. The events typically consist of getting ready, taking photos, holding the ceremony, chatting over drinks at the cocktail hour, having your first dance, making toasts, eating dinner, cutting the cake, and more dancing. Macro weddings are primed for a comeback, and they’re going to be bigger than ever.

We’ve been there for it all. The past years have shown us that if wedding vendors can do one thing right, that’s adapting to situations occurring for the first time. Amidst the pandemic planners and vendors quickly sprang into action with creative social distancing measures, Zoom events becoming the norm, and the micro wedding growing into a modern trend that will be around long after the pandemic finally ends. However, not all couples want a micro wedding. Some couples want to celebrate with a long, lavish and grand affair with all their friends and all their family, dancing, cake and all.

We might be biased, but we love everything about the traditional wedding. It has all of the customs and rituals that make getting married such a special and momentous celebration. From getting ready with your bridesmaids to walking down the aisle with your father or another special figure in your life to cutting the cake with your person, these traditions bond married couples across generations. You also have the opportunity to create a day that captures your relationship, personality, culture, or heritage through the decorations and details. Couples need their vendors to be creative with regard to not only the visuals but the guest experience as well.

What Is a Macro Wedding?

A macro wedding would entail a larger guest list, bigger spaces, and a fun experience from start to finish. After not being able to celebrate in large groups for over a year, couples are excited that their guests are ready to attend a wedding and party. Couples are looking for ways to turn their wedding into an unforgettable, grand affair. Couples are looking at over-the-top everything—floral installations, custom-built furniture, heavily curated welcome gifts, a weekend’s worth of events, and surprise entertainment moments, beyond a larger guest list.
Macro weddings tend to have hefty guest lists. Couples can invite as few as 100 guests and as many as 200-plus guests to be considered a macro wedding. For many brides-to-be, scaling down their invite list was one of the hardest changes to accept during the pandemic. And now that we’re looking ahead to 2022, wedding planners are seeing couples return to the numbers they had imagined pre-pandemic.

Is a Macro Wedding for You?

Social butterflies who love huge parties and get energized by others’ presence will thrive at macro weddings. After two long years of confinement, being able to celebrate the way you always dreamed is what will make your wedding day unforgettable. For couples who have a lot of close friends and loose acquaintances, you won’t need to scale back your guest list if you host this type of wedding. Traditional couples who shy away from change will also love throwing a classic wedding with all of the rituals that make the event so special, including a big party to celebrate appropriately.

Choosing the Right Fashion

Of course, no macro wedding is complete without an over-the-top ensemble. Think full ball gowns with lace or embroidery and trains that go on for days, color and prints, and or unique gowns that reflect your individualism, allowing you to have fun. Wedding dress designers like Galia Lahav, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Lazaro, and Elie Saab are just a few of the designers that create awe-worthy gowns for a macro wedding. If you are also putting together an elegant wedding ceremony and reception, it only makes sense that your dress goes with the grandeur of the event. Your dress can create a sense of continuity in the visual beauty and atmosphere of the wedding.

Focusing on the Experience

While it might be tempting to focus on the elements that will make your wedding feel grand to guests, it’s important to remember that the event should ultimately reflect your tastes. One glance at Pinterest these days, and you’re inundated with 1000 images to consume. Your dream wedding isn’t a replica of someone else’s. I know you desire a design and experience that highlights your style and your own story. So one of the best things you can do for yourself to clear out the noise and find more confidence in your design decisions is to look within for your wedding inspiration. The key thing is to have fun and customize your day and budget to fit your vision. Focus wisely on things you and your partner will appreciate.

There are so many different ways to express your unique relationship through the type of wedding you host. Figuring out the type of wedding you want will help you settle on the perfect venue site, select the right attire, and figure out how many drinks to order for your cocktail hour. Most importantly, it will help you hire the right team of vendors. If you’re a roaring Socialista then a boisterous bash will be great for you and a macro wedding in Greece will be perfect to celebrate the most important time with your significant other!

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