How to choose your wedding venue in Tuscany: A checklist with things to consider

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Tuscany, Italy

What you see depends mainly on what we look for. – Sir John Lubbock

Choosing your wedding venue in Tuscany is probably the first item to cross of the list when you are planning your big day. And it is a big item! Choosing a wedding venue has its challenges given the variety of choices out there from romantic barns to private villas or luxury hotel establishments. Your wedding venue is bound to set the tone for your wedding and you would want it to feel “you” right? Well, we have consulted some of the industry’s experts and we have put together a handy checklist to help you when choosing your wedding venue. Read on and thank us later!

1.Consult a local planner

Whether you end up hiring a wedding professional or undergoing the planning phase on your own, it is best to seek help and advice from a professional when it comes to the wedding venue. The fact is that a wedding planner will know to direct you to venues that will align with your preferences and can also shed some light on pricing- something more concrete than national averages or what you can find online.

villa montanare tuscany wedding venue

2.Think about your guests

When choosing a venue, one thing you should NOT take for granted is the location and how far from where guests will be travelling from. If you are having a destination wedding pick a venue that is close to hotels where probably most of your guests will be staying. In addition, think and ask about the capacity of the venue. Based on your guest list, it is always wise to know how many guests the venue can hold comfortably. Make sure to ask when you visit!

wedding venue in tuscany


3. Let there be light

For us it must be a number one priority when it comes to choosing your venue. Look for a place that has plenty of natural sunlight or can be beautifully lit during night. You will want those picture perfect wedding images and let us attest to the significance of the correct light in your venue. Consider timings of your ceremony, reception, party, first looks and portraits and where would those take place so that you know what to expect in terms of lighting and where you many need to invest.

wedding venue in tuscany

4. Stick to your budget

Chances are that the venue –if it includes catering as well- will take a big chunk of your wedding budget. It is important to break down the different items, allocate a certain budget you aim to stick to and then prioritize them. If the venue or the catering are taking more than you have planned to invest, it might mean that you would need to scale down your flower decorations or furniture rentals.

wedding venue in tuscany

5. Go with your vision

It seems fairly obvious but not every couple considers this when looking for venues. You probably have a theme in mind and it is going to be best complimented with your choice of venue. If you are going for a lush full on chandelier extravaganza you probably should not be looking at backyards or industrial sites. If you are looking for pampas grass and laid back vibes then perhaps a sea view restaurant is in line with your vision.

wedding venue in tuscany

However many venues you see, visit or look for online make sure you have these top five pro tips in mind. Your wedding venue will be a milestone in your planning and will set the tone for other things to come. Make sure the venue you choose aligns with your theme, will guarantee easy access to your guests, will represent an investment you are willing to make without sacrifices and most importantly will have lots of natural light in the morning or allowed lots of candles and extra lighting at night! This is a tip from us and we can guarantee you won’t regret it!

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