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One of the hardest parts of planning your elopement is choosing an elopement location in Greece. The country offers some of the most outstanding locations to have a wedding and it can be so overwhelming to narrow it down to one location! Today, we’ll be sharing 5 tips on how to choose an elopement location that is perfect for you. We are always discussing this with our couples, and almost every time it boils down to the same fundamentals! We recommend you sit down with your partner, read over these tips, and start your search for your dream elopement location in Greece!

However, these tips are not singular to Greece, as they apply to everywhere you dream of eloping to! And if you’ve fallen in love with the photography, we’ll be glad to follow you along! But on to the tips, shall we?

For your Elopement in Greece, Choose a Place that is Meaningful to Your Relationship


It can an island or a mountain top, an olive grove, or an intimate beach. You don’t have to have spent a lot of time in the place. Perhaps you’ve made some of your best memories there, or maybe it’s a place you have both always dreamed of visiting. There is still time, and there are great memories to be made!

Talk to your partner and about whether you want to soak in old memories in a place that means a lot to you, like Corfu where you used to go with your family when you were little, or if you’d like to make new memories and discover a new place that neither of you has been to before. Greece offers some of the prettiest destinations to tie the knot!

Scenery Is Everything


The scenery is number one in our books being wedding photographers and all. One of the easiest places to start while choosing an elopement location in Greece is to picture what your dream elopement looks like. Picture where you can imagine you and your partner exchanging your vows. Do you imagine being on the edge of a cliff with dramatic mountains in the background? Maybe you have always dreamed of getting married in a picturesque olive grove. Or you might be an adventure couple wanting to tie the knot intimately on one of the pretty greek islands. Maybe the caldera of Santorini is your dream place or you might feel that a wedding on a Mediterranean farm in Crete is your go-to place! There is not a right or wrong answer to this!

This world is a beautiful place, but try to narrow it down to what sceneries you picture on your dream wedding day and start from there. Ask yourself; what kind of setting would you like to get married in? What kind of scenery do you want in the background of your pictures? This question can make the decision easier. Sit down and check Instagram, Pinterest, or even our blogs and galleries! We have several great suggestions based on our experiences in traveling and capturing couples’ elopements. There is plenty of resources and inspiration for your elopement location in Greece!

Food for thought: Check out our best destination wedding locations in Santorini!

Time of Year & Weather


Another important factor of choosing an elopement location in Greece is the weather and time of year. When deciding to elope you are agreeing to mother nature running your wedding day. Luckily, Greece is blessed with impeccable weather almost throughout the year, end especially from April to October. Of course, we highly suggest you hire a wedding planner even for the most intimate of elopements, so you can have a safety net if the weather is unpredictable. Make sure you talk to your partner about your non-negotiables in regards to the weather. Maybe you hate humidity and your partner despises the heat. Most locations in Greece have ideal seasons for getting married. If you’ve always dreamed of a summer wedding, then the Cyclades should be at the top of your list. Check the average temperatures during certain months, as well as the chances of rain, as well as the best times of year to visit for your top locations.

Your Elopement Location Should Be Easy to Get To


When selecting an elopement destination in general, you also need to put the accessibility of the place into thought. This requires prior preparation to avoid arriving at your desired location only to find it unavailable or inaccessible! Luckily, Greece offers some of the most beautiful locations while being easily accessible. You also need to be sure there is transportation that can take you exactly where you need to be. So when you choose a location, find out what means of transportation will be getting you there. There are some secluded islands you might find difficulty reaching easily, but even in this scenario, you can find a solution easily by hiring a private boat for a day. In any case, a trustworthy planner or your hotel concierge will help you with that.

You and your partner should be able to undertake the journey your destination requires. Also if you’ll be including some wedding guests, you should consider how accessible the location will be for them. You don’t want your guests regretting their decision to attend your wedding! Putting these points into consideration can help make your location selection easier. It will also prevent you from discovering too late that the elopement destination of your point is inaccessible – something that can’t happen easily in Greece.

An elopement is a great opportunity to immerse yourselves in a cultural experience tailored just for two sparing the fuss of a larger gathering! Wear your pretty wedding dress, hire a florist and a planner and get ready to drink champagne while frolicking with the best views of Europe! Greece is stunning like your wedding day will be if you choose to elope in the land of the Mythical Gods of antiquity!

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