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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Destination in Greece According to Your Style


October 22, 2022

Are you planning a wedding in Greece? If so, selecting your wedding destination should be one of the first things on your mind and one of the most asked questions we get from couples as a wedding photographer in Greece that really knows the whereabouts. One of the more significant decisions a couple can make when planning their big day is choosing a wedding destination. Your wedding location will act as a gathering area for all your loved ones during your special event. Yet, more than serving as a background space, your destination can set the tone of your entire event. To make a decision as important as this one, you’ll need to be prepared. To help you through the process, we have compiled a series of tips you can follow below.

We will be talking about

  • Narrowing what destination fits your style
  • Determining the most important Aspects
  • Asking the right questions
  • Taking care of Guests
  • Dreamy wedding Locations in Greece

Ready? Let’s go!

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Narrow Your Search to Destinations that Fit Your Style

All brides have a wedding they envision in their minds when picturing their big day. While some dream about a glamorous night in a luxurious ballroom, others fantasize about saying “I do.” under the stars, on the beach, outdoors. No matter what your vision is, you must look at wedding destinations that match your ideal aesthetic. If you are truly set on a beach glam wedding, don’t waste time looking at destinations that don’t feature a breathtaking beach.

Be Realistic with Your Guest List and Budget

When scouting out the perfect wedding destination, you can easily fall in love with a location that turns out to be impossible to have. To prevent this frustrating situation, you need to do some work ahead of time. Sit down with your significant other and clearly outline your guest list and budget. This way, you can focus your attention on wedding destinations and venues that can fit your guest list and budget. If you’re planning a large destination gathering it may not be easy to book that dreamy villa in Mykonos you’ve been dreaming of, but that doesn’t mean you can book the patio of a hotel in Santorini that would make the cut!

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Enquire About What’s Included with Your Venue

Depending on what your plans are, you might prefer a wedding destination featuring venues that offer full-service packages. Other couples prefer to be in full control and work with their own vendors in a destination that may not have big establishments or tourist facilities. No matter what the case is, it is always essential to ask a wedding planner about the pros and cons of all the destinations you’re considering.

Show Your Guests You Care

While a wedding is technically a couple’s big day, your guest’s experiences are also relevant. Make sure you show your family and friends some love, by making them comfortable at your event. If you are having a lot of guests travel to your destination make sure they can find accommodations close to your venue. Provide the necessary information for your guests to book an appointment at a salon or set up transportation to the event. Overall, improving your guests’ experience will enhance your own wedding experience.

Beautiful Destinations in Greece to choose from according to your style

The Classy Hydra

For the couples that want a cosmopolitan island to tie the knot in style! Check out Laila and Jack’s stunning wedding in Hydra, Jess and Andrea’s glamorous affair on the island, and Jenny and Taso’s picture-perfect wedding day, and get inspired!

The Eternal Santorini

Never have we ever seen a wedding in Santorini we didn’t love! From Kim and Kevin’s sunset ceremony, Dilly and Sergei’s stunning blue affair, and Desirre and Jason’s breathtaking wedding day, Santorini has such a unique beauty! Take a look!

The Imperial Corfu

An ode to poetry and romance, Corfu Island is perfect for the couple with imperial style! Take a look at Marlena and Alexi’s romantic wedding day and Valentina and Alberto’s minimalistic wedding celebration and get inspired!

The Minimal Milos

A destination fit for laidback couples and those seeking an adventure! To feed your imagination take a look at Ana and James’s dream-come-true destination wedding on the island!

The Charming Crete

A Rustic heaven in southern Greece promising to inspire you, and the perfect island to have a wedding and fully experience the Greek charm. Take a look at Mata and Phil’s Mediterranean wedding in Agreco Farms and get ready to swoon!

These are only a couple of the countless wedding destinations you can choose in Greece according to you unique style and personality! We can help you choose the one suitable for you so your wedding in Greece becomes a dream that came trhough in the most beautiful way! We believe that when you’re having a destination wedding, exploring a destination that speaks to you is key to the experience. After all, a wedding like this is all about relaxing, taking some days off and experience the new country as wholly as possible!

Looking for a destination wedding photographer in Greece to capture your nuptials? We’ll be glad to do the honors! Contact us or schedule your call!


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