Fine Art Bridal Boudoir Session: 4 Reasons To Go For It

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If only these treasures were not so fragile as they are precious and beautiful. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For the modern bride (or groom!) a boudoir session is a way to enhance her personal affirmation and empowerment, have fun and celebrate the special occasion! Photographing daring and sensual photos of oneself gives the bride to be a sense of reclamation – boudoir as the process of women reclaiming their bodies, revealing as much or as little as they want. Although many from our brides gift their boudoir photos to their fiancé, more and more women are taking the photos for themselves as a part of their wedding experience. Bridal boudoir sessions are something that only recently gained more appreciation amongst brides to be and we’re sharing why you should definitely book a boudoir session as a love letter to yourself!


1. It will boost your confidence.

Too self-conscious to have a boudoir session? That’s when you should do it! As wedding photographers, we believe that everyone should try at least once to have a boudoir session. Of course, we all are self-conscious one way or another but we find that bridal boudoir sessions push our brides miles out of their comfort zones. That’s empowering. Our brides always start off shy but the courage builds on and the final shots always look so editorial! We don’t believe that boudoirs simply have to be a gift to a partner, they’re first and foremost a gift to yourself.

Close up of bride wrapped in tulle for a fine art bridal boudoir session

2. It’s a way to self-love

Our fine art way of shooting everything always creates the best boudoir portraits. We focus on sensitivity, soft colors and naturally beautiful scenes to make our brides love their bodies even more. The weeks leading to a wedding can be stressful and having a photo session all to your shelf is therapeutic. Viewing yourself from another perspective builds your self-esteem. Moreover, we experiment with soft fabrics, delicate flowers and natural light to bring the best out of every shape and curve resulting in editorial images that scream sophistication.

woman wiht black hair wearing a flower crown for a fine art bridal boudoir session

3. Every bride can have a boudoir session

Boudoir photography is miles away from nude photography. In boudoir shoots, we focus around soft, delicate pieces of clothes that highlight the femininity and softness of a bride. We design shoots that match each bride’s personality to create something unique for her. It’s a delicate form of photographing the bridal glow, the bliss, a celebration of being you. We want to show you how others see you, that you don’t need to be a model to have beautiful pictures and that you are entitled to a photo shoot all about you!

Close up of model wearing little white flowers on her hair for a bridal boudoir session

4. It will make you more comfortable in front of the camera

We have never seen a bride that had a boudoir session before her wedding freeze or look camera scared on her wedding day. A boudoir session really breaks that self-conscious barrier between us and our brides. We get to study your best angles and you get to trust us with your face. It enhances the bond between us and you resulting in better wedding images! It’s a fact.

dried flowers in a bathtub for a bridal boudoir session


For what it’s worth, a bridal boudoir session is another way of celebrating your self, your journey, the joyous time leading to your wedding day and a lovely way to feel confident in your body. Whether you’re gifting the photos to your fiancé or keeping them to yourself, a refined boudoir session will be something you’ll cherish for many years. Embrace the glow, make it last forever.


 Are you looking for a bridal boudoir photographer? We would be immensely honored to beautifully capture your priceless memories, contact us to book your date!



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