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Did she pop the question? Congrats! It’s a huge honor to be a bridesmaid but what are your responsibilities, exactly? Looking perfect next to the bride is not the bridesmaid’s only job. As a bridesmaid, you should be there for the bride during the wedding planning process, all the pre-wedding celebrations, the ceremony, and reception. Our experience at weddings has taught us a thing or two about the bridesmaid responsibilities to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly without fuss – or drama!

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Mind the bride and maid of honor

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so as bridesmaid providing a helping hand to the bride goes a long way. You don’t have to go crazy, simply be there, pay attention and assure her that it’s everything under control. In the same way, be positive and help the maid of honor where and when she needs it. Then MOH (Maid Of Honor) certainly handles a lot of things, like planning the bachelorette party and smaller details like holding the bride’s bouquet at the wedding. Being present is a big deal to both the bride and the MOH.

Bridesmaid dress and accessories – on time

We can’t stress enough how important is to not wait until the last minute to order your bridesmaid dress, shoes, and accessories. Save yourself the time, nerves and stress and tackle your pre-wedding shopping early. Not having your dress will stress you, the bride and other members of the wedding party out. At weddings, one thing matters the most – avoid the drama at any cost, buy the dress on time.

Wedding dress shopping

Wedding dress shopping can be one of the most beautiful yet stressful moments in a wedding. If you’re asked to join, it’s important to be kind, honest (within reason) insightful and calm. Also, you might want to study up on the latest wedding dress trends!

Pre-wedding activities and where to chip in

The maid of honor is usually the one who plans the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding activities another helping hand is more than welcome. While you shouldn’t have to shoulder the costs completely on your own, consider splitting the cost of the pre-wedding activities among the bridal party.

Buy a wedding gift

Don’t forget the wedding etiquette – buy the couple a wedding gift. Head over to their wedding registry and pick a gift you think they’ll love. It’s easy to forget this alongside all the other duties of being a bridesmaid but it’s polite and necessary for all the guests to give the couple a lovely gift.

Be on time for pre-wedding events

Being punctual on the day of the wedding is extremely important. This will allow for everything from hair and makeup to wedding photos to be completed without stress. Before leaving for the venue, make sure have every piece of your wedding attire. Pack everything ahead of time – avoid the stress later!

Keep the bride calm

The bride (definitely the groom too!) are expected to be nervous on their wedding day. Help keep the stress and tension to a minimum with being calm, positive and relaxed. A funny story, a good playlist or just keeping meddling mothers-in-law out of the picture, do your best to help the bride stay calm. Also, help her with her wedding dress! All hands should be on deck to make sure the bride looks and feels her best!

Don’t forget the snacks

Eating before the wedding is very important for the sanity of the bride and bridal party. Bring some of the bride’s favorite goodies to snack on (and lots of water!) while getting ready. Not only she won’t be hangry, but you’ll also help battle being tipsy from all the pre-wedding champagne!

Help the MOH

Assist the MOH , so that the wedding stays on schedule! Tackle your to-do list early and don’t be putting last-minute touches on your makeup when you’re supposed to be heading to the wedding venue! Also, help the maid of honor create a wedding-day emergency kit. It’s important to be prepared – pack some stain remover and a sewing kit!

Know your cue

It’s time for the wedding! Stay positive, be on time and know when you’re supposed to walk down the aisle and where you’re supposed to stand. These details should be discussed and practiced during the wedding rehearsal. Stand up straight, hold your bouquet low, smile and don’t be afraid to get emotional!

It’s party time!

An important bridesmaid duty is to Make sure the guests are entertained. Introduce friends and family members of the couple who may not have met before the wedding. After the first dance, it’ll be time to join in the fun. A major bridesmaid duty is to lead by example. Grab your plus one or a few friends and head to the dance floor. If the wedding party looks like they’re having the time of their lives, other guests will soon follow – making this a true party!

Making sure the couple eats

Just like getting ready, the reception can be a bit chaotic. With the couple greeting and thanking all their guests, they might forget to have anything to eat. If the couple isn’t having a formal seated dinner, it’s the bridesmaids’ responsibility to make up a plate or two and have them sit away from all the commotion to enjoy their meal.

Sending off the newlyweds

Your final bridesmaid duty is to send the newlyweds off to their honeymoon. Give them a send-off they won’t soon forget, crack open all the secrets of the book from rice tossing, fireworks, send off signs or even a band playing their favorite song!

We hope we shed some light on all the bridesmaids’ duties and responsibilities to make your wedding day stands out – and runs smoothly! Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy it as much as possible with your girlfriends and special people!


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