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Make sure your blooms photograph perfectly

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. – Gerard De Nerval

As you begin to plan your destination wedding, it’s time to start thinking of color palettes and ways to add color to your big day. If you are dreaming of a picture-perfect fine art wedding, flowers are a lovely way to infuse your wedding day with lovely color while still keeping it elegant and delicate.

We’ve come across hundreds of brides in our years of experience. It’s always amazing how each bride and groom wants something unique and each wedding looks completely different. Some couples prefer a very natural, neutral or subtle aesthetic when it comes to flowers, whereas others tend toward a more vibrant color palette or jewel-toned wedding florals.

If you ask us, color is very important on a wedding day. However, it needs to be done correctly to avoid the clashing of aesthetics, colors or textures. After all, adding pops of color throughout your wedding can help you infuse your style and personality into your celebration!

Whether choosing soft, neutral tones or vibrant jewel tones, an elegant wedding palette often is all about the flower choices. You can include a single monotone palette or a collection of beautiful colors to add some sparkle to the day.

We thought to share with you the most photogenic flowers for a fine art wedding that score all the major points in our books. It’s the flowers we’ve seen for years and we know they work well for digital or film wedding photography. Sure, all the flowers have their flair and lovely personality but some are just too good to look at and photograph.


best flower choices for a spring wedding les anagnou

The coral + pink ones

Nothing is more elegant than a well-curated coral or pink wedding palette. These shades are the most opted shades when it comes to wedding days and you find a pretty good collection of delicate and beautiful flowers to choose from. Our favorite is the coral peonies in full bloom. Not only they are luxurious and summery, but they will also brighten up your wedding look in total! Another popular choice is garden roses in the shades of baby pink and blush. These florals will compliment every wedding style and will bring a fairytale worthy flair to your wedding day. From where we stand, these flowers will photograph in a very soft elegant way. They will frame your wedding style perfectly and not divert the attention from you since they are soft to the eye!

coral peonie wedding bouquet


The soft purple + lilac ones

If you are keeping everything else minimal, a wedding bouquet with purple and lilacky shades will catch the attention and give you a beautiful focal point. It’s an interesting and not seen often color palette that will look good on the photographs but will still be elegant and sophisticated. Did we mention the aroma? A lot of purple flowers tend to have these mild powdery floral scents that are perfect for a wedding day!


purple wedding flowers for a spring wedding les anagnou film photography


The vibrant + colorful ones

Shades like fushia, bright yellows, and vibrant greens are the perfect choice when you need something to make your bouquet and arrangements stand out. Peonies in magenta shades, chamomile flowers, and bougainvilleas are some of the flowers to opt for. As photographers, we sure see these florals as a lovely way to bring contrast to our photographs. Make sure to consult your wedding planner and florist to make sure the bouquets will be balanced and sophisticated on the big day!


colorful wedding bouquet for a summer wedding in agrecofarms crete


The white ones

Though that’s a blog post about color, we had to mention the white florals. They are the perfect way to bring back balance if your wedding has colorful elements elsewhere or a way to keep everything muted and luxurious. White sure is the most bridal color ever but if done correctly, the many different textures will create a lovely result. White ranunculus, peonies, and jasmine are the photography friendly flowers you could opt for. Your wedding planner or florist will provide the essential know-how in incorporating white on your wedding without being basic.


white bridal bouquet wiht ranunvulus and peonies for a destination wedding in greece


The unique ones

Flowers like milk thistles, anthurium, protea flowers, and other intricate blooms are your best friend if you want something that will catch your attention. They photograph beautifully and we always love seeing bouquets thought out of the box. Again, make sure they are curated minimally and elegantly to avoid a complex bridal bouquet that will look awkward. Our number one tip is again to consult with your wedding professionals to find the best way to incorporate the unique florals to your day.


fine art wedding photography in greece, tuscany


Whatever your choice, however, make sure it expresses you and your feelings perfectly. Talk with your partner and choose a color scheme you both feel comfortable with. Then, discuss your color palette with your wedding planner and florist. Wedding flowers are supposed to make you happy and color your memories in a way you love!


What flowers are you choosing for your wedding day? 

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