A festive day with Pavlov’s Lab: Shooting the Christmas Campaign

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Athens, Greece


Photography: Les Anagnou
Concept & Desserts: Pavlov’s Lab
Floral design: Jim Lamprakopoulos
Food styling: Spoon of Copper
Coordination: Nicole Kap 
Make up: Maria Kamataki
Tabletop rentals: White Lilac Rentals
Furniture rentals: Zazoo Rentals

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing. ― Elie Wiesel

This year we jumped in the opportunity to do something completely different and shoot Pavlov’s Lab Christmas Campaign which was a festive and dreamy gathering in the center of Athens! We left our bridal portraits, wedding stationery, and flatlay props behind and tried something new!

We teamed up with Alexander Pavlov to shoot his Christmas Campaign of 2019, a festive affair with dozens of candles and the tastiest desserts of all! For those of you who don’t know him, he’s the face behind Pavlov’s Lab and quite frankly the master of all things sweet. Maître Pâtissier and genius entrepreneur, Alex has a unique way of creating desserts that not only look good but taste divine as well! Inspired by the traditional recipes, he experiments with sugar and spice, chocolate and all things tasty and sweet to create fresh approaches to well-known desserts and unique, out of the box flavors for the modern ones who seek something different. It’s almost impossible not to know his brand, as he’s behind every picture perfect, Pinterest worthy wedding cake ever! We find his approach very appealing; he creates beautiful desserts without compromising the taste and vice versa, always having something new to show!

alex pavlov pavlovs lab christmas campaign by les anagnou wedding photographers

close up of christmas roulade by pavlovs lab

alex pavlov photograph by les anagnou fine art wedding photographers

close up of christmas chestnut roulade by pavlovs lab

close up of chocolate christmas roulade by pavlovs lab

pavlovs lab christmas campaign by les anagnou wedding film photographers

food photography les anagnou

The Christmas shoot was held in a downtown loft overlooking the Acropolis. The concept was an inspired gathering of friends and family for Christmas day and highlighting the team behind Pavlov’s Lab brand. Quite frankly, that’s the essence of Christmas. A warm table setting with candlelight, friends, and family or coworkers who laugh joking with each other and an atmosphere of sharing and enjoying each other’s company. Pavlov’s lab is a family run business with years and years of experience and Alex wanted to show how behind every magnificent and unique cake there is a hard-working, punctilious team with a passion for details! The table garland designed by the talented Jim Lambrakopoulos brought the perfect touch of holiday glam to the setting with the art de la table by White Lilac Rentals! They look divine, don’t they? On the day of the shoot, the weather was a winter mess with heavy rain and the wind blowing maniacally. We must admit that photographing under these circumstances is frightful, to say the least. However, proof that there’s a silver lining in everything, that weather gave us a true atmosphere of a gathering, a warm feeling to the table, the feeling that this place was a safe sanctuary where the Christmas spirit burned low and kept everyone happy!

acropolis athens by les anagnou photographers

pavlovs lab team

fine art food photograhy les anagnou

christmas wedding dinner by les anagnou wedding photographers

festive christmas table setting ideas by les anagnou

fine art christmas table by les anagnou christmas wedding table setting by les anagnou photography

festive christmas table setting by les anagnou wedding photography

christmas table close up by les anagnou film photographers

chocolate christmas roulade by pavlovs lab

Our favorite part of the day was getting to meet all these creative people. It’s true that when you put a handful of creative people in one room the inspiration glows brightly! We exchanged opinions, tips, and tricks of the trade and our ideas of what makes each one’s creative business unique. Also, and that was the highlight of the day, we got to share these top-notch desserts and give our feedback to Alex! Dare we say that this was the best, tastiest and most beautiful Saint Honore we’ve ever had?

christmas gathering photography by les anagnou wedding photographers

pavlovs lab christmas campaign in Acropolis

pavlovs lab les anagnou christmas campaign

Spending time with so many lovely and creative people gave us such a lovely inspiration boost to keep on doing what we love and meeting all these new friends! Isn’t this the essence of Christmas? Spending time with others, getting to know them, sharing and spreading the cheer? So, from the Les Anagnou HQ Merry Christmas to everyone! Get inspired, take some time off and enjoy the holidays! Enjoy the festivities and make sure you try Alex’s Saint Honore or chestnut Christmas roulade! You’ll love it!

Merry Christmas!



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