7 + 1 Ways 2021 & 2022 Couples Can Still Plan a Wedding During Quarantine

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Covid-19 and Weddings
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Take that chance, take that risk it will be a memory that will be with you for your life. – Catherine Pulsifer

There’s a lot to think about when planning your big day—no matter where your wedding date falls on the calendar. As couples globally are facing the COVID-19 epidemic, taking the right actions and navigating this ever-evolving scene is proving to be challenging for many. With so much going on in the world right now, planning a wedding is not the easiest task (as if it was ever easy!)! The COVID-19epidemic has hit the wedding industry incredibly hard. If you’re planning a wedding in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, you might be wondering what you should do—if anything—to prepare and plan for the potential that your wedding may be affected. But instead of wallowing in a champagne-soaked pity party, we want to share some tips and resources to keep on wedding planning!

Right now, whether you’re planning a wedding at home or abroad, there are countless things that get tangled around COVID-19. The situation is fluid, the future of your wedding really depends on your wedding date, guest count, location, and extent of travel involved. However, at this point, it’s safe to say that any wedding in the near future will look differently, whether it’s allowed to happen on a smaller scale right now or as you’d dreamed later on. Your day will come, and trust us when we say it will be the most amazing thing.

Our overall advice? Be prepared, follow the news closely, and maintain an open conversation with your vendors and guests. Focus on the main goal that’s marrying your best friend and trust us, it will happen. It’s not a matter of if, just a matter of when. When we can all come together and celebrate, there will be nothing else like it.

But let’s move on to sharing some tips on things you can keep on planning, where you need professional help, and what to keep in mind at all times, shall we?

1. Do the Research

As you would normally do. Choose the style you want your wedding to be, the floral design style you feel better matches your wedding mood, the dress you like. Find and write down an idea of what you want for the big day in matters of colors, style, atmosphere, and details. Create a Pinterest board that is more real-life geared that focuses on food styling you love, pretty cocktails, flowers seen in nature, architecture, and landscapes. Use this real-life inspiration for your big day and share it with your developing team.

2. Hire a Wedding Planner +  Pick a Destination

A wedding planner is your best friend when getting married, but the covid times call for an experienced planner by your side to keep you informed and ready for everything. Enlist the help of an expert with some one-on-one consulting and it is truly an investment in your sanity while navigating the present and future. If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, having a backup plan is imperative to couples, their families, and their creative teams, due to travel restrictions and other mishaps that will be so much easier managed with a wedding planner by your side.

Travelling is tricky during covid if not impossible. The good news is that with the vaccine landing soon everywhere things are *fingers crossed* looking up. Where do you want your wedding to take place? A destination wedding in Greece? A wedding in Italy? Is it Europe? UAE? Rules and regulations vary by state, and sometimes by county, so it’s important to stay informed with the latest guidelines in your wedding location, as well as where your guests will be traveling from.

3. Gather a Wedding Team + Consult with Them

Start locking up your major vendors like photographers, videographers, venues, florist and makeup artists! Why? You should book almost 9 months in advance for most vendors nowadays as they are juggling postponements and dates are often already taken. Don’t wait until the last moment in booking the ones who play a major role in your wedding day.

Your wedding planner, the venue, catering team, musicians, video and photography team, basically anyone involved in the day. In order to make a decision when the time comes, go ahead and have a serious discussion with your team to decide the best plan of action moving forward. It is ultimately up to the couple—and their venue—to decide the best plan for moving forward. Get a pulse on a potential back-up plan and have alternate dates in place sooner in case regulations or your outlook shifts. The goal is to have all of your loved ones safely attend your big day so everyone can celebrate with you. Try to think about changing a date as just that—picking up your wedding and simply moving it to a date that feels good for everyone involved so everyone can safely celebrate.

4. Determine Non-Negotiables + Talk to Your Venue

Speak with your partner and consider what your non-negotiables are, and how they will influence your ultimate decision. For example, think of the size of your wedding. Are you willing to scale back from a grand wedding with 250 guests to a micro wedding with 50 guests? Are you okay with not being able to hug your guests or dance close to them? Is it imperative that any elderly people attend your wedding, such as your grandmother?

If you’ve wanted a popular wedding venue at the wedding destination of your choice now’s the time to start the discussion with them. Talk to your venue and be transparent about what your concerns are so that you have a support system and can be ready to make the leap when the time is right.

5. Be Considerate of Your Guests

It is extremely important to account for your guests’ health, time, and finances at this time. Try to give yourself a deadline to make a decision that allows for their comfort and peace of mind. Just as on the day of the wedding, you want them to feel taken care of, so giving them extra time to make adjustments or cancellations to their travel will be greatly appreciated!

6. Move Quickly and Be Flexible

This is why we’re insisting on booking your vendors as early as possible, as it is no secret that time is of the essence right now. Be prepared to move quickly. Other clients are your competition here as so many are in the same boat. You need to keep your flexibility and optimism to the maximum. All considered, if you proceed with your wedding, you must be prepared to adjust your expectations.

Be prepared to pay extra fees or lose a portion of your investment if you end up postponing because let’s face it, it is always a possibility. As this epidemic continues to affect all aspects of the economy, venues and vendors will likely become more rigid in their policies. Make sure you know what is happening at all times. Make sure you understand your vendor policies, if not, ask!

7. Follow WHO’s Guidelines + Expect a Smaller Guest Count

Newsflash: pay attention to the news stressful as it may be. Pay close attention to what venues are allowed to do and how they can make sure their guests are safe. The last thing you want in your celebration is to make a lot of people sick. It’s essential to be aware of your guests’ travel plans, and understand if some guests choose not to attend the wedding or any pre-wedding event.  Being able to easily be in touch with your guests right now is key.

8. Design With What’s Available and Source Local Goods

If you’re already working with a floral designer, consider discussing backup plans and select a design that does not require the purchase of new products to produce the desired look for your special day. Also, when sourcing favors and items for welcome bags, consider working with what’s available to you—and supporting small businesses!

Don’t forget: Be Positive

We hope you keep on planning and keep on dreaming for your wedding day! The goal of a wedding is to celebrate the couple and their love story with their loved ones and families. Be ready for your big day and have your plans in place to have the best wedding ever, continue to be inspired and seek out inspiration! Your wedding day will be epic, we know it!

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