5 Reasons To Plan An Elopement In Greece


Planning an Elopement
Making memories last longer

When I’m with you, I don’t fear the unknown. When I’m with you, I look forward to untold adventures. Every second together is a stamp on life’s passport. It’s a corner I haven’t turned yet. And for once, it isn’t scary. – Kriss Miller

Especially for couples that can’t wait to tie the knot, an elopement in Greece is a lovely opportunity to immerse yourselves and your guests (if you choose to have any!) in the beautiful universe that is Greece. And after a great pandemic, couples reached out to us asking about dates and all that jazz because they wanted to seize the summer and plan an elopement in Greece, abandoning their plans for a big wedding and focussing on what’s important; getting married finally! Planning a wedding can be a juggling act. From creating invitations to coordinating with your florist, caterer, venue, and all of the other details and vendors that make up a traditional wedding, planning can be stressful. But, choosing an elopement may be the easiest way to take the stress out of your big day. However, an elopement is not only an option for those willing to skip the big day stress, it’s for couples that want to seize the summer, plan their wedding and enjoy married life!

That’s why we thought to present to you the 5 main reasons from our experience as a wedding photographer in Grece that couples choose to plan an elopement, to help you and inspire your elopement journey in Greece! 

In this post, we’ll cover:

Just the Two of Us – Focussing on the experience of being together
Enhanced Value of Authenticity – Something truly unique for your wedding day
Intimacy and Intention – What matters the most for you
Romance, Above All, and Scenery – The beauty of Greece as a wedding canvas
It’s Quick – Seize the summer and celebrate

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Just the Two of Us

Overwhelmingly, the very number one reason that people reported choosing to elope was that they wanted to experience an intimate wedding celebration – a day focused on just the two of them. Not surprisingly, one of the most common reasons to choose a highly exclusive wedding celebration is the intimacy of the affair. Elopements are private ceremonies of commitment between two hearts, nothing and no one else is needed. Without the mass of people and all the opinions to consider and take in, your wedding becomes about just you and your partner joining together in marriage. Isn’t that what your wedding day should be about anyway?! Eloping makes your wedding day more intimate, and memorable for you and your fiance because you get to celebrate exactly how you want to. Couples said they wanted to eliminate the pressure, anxiety, and obligation they felt about having a traditional wedding. Instead, they wanted a day authentic to them, which aligned with their values and vision! They wanted a “just us” experience. A traditional affair has so many other factors brought into the equation that can easily sap the focus and attention between two people trying to make a sincere connection and exchange their vows of commitment. With all the obligations, pressures, and external distractions that can be brought into a traditional wedding, it is not surprising that some folks would rather go it alone. No regrets, no stress, no pressure, no distractions – just two people committing their lives to each other.

Enhanced Value of Authenticity

Another important reason many people are fleeing the traditional wedding scene is in search of authenticity. So many people would never dream of being a part of the traditional aspects of a big wedding—the giant, pompous, fluffed-up, dress-up party in front of hundreds of people, that’s a dream they could never relate to the same way other couples do and it’s completely fine! Choosing to elope grants couples an amazing sense of freedom to celebrate how they want to. Everyone is different, and everyone deserves to be authentically themselves on their wedding day. For people who don’t connect with big weddings, a traditional celebration can make you feel like you’ve been put into a box. Elopements are all about throwing that box out the window overlooking the Caldera! In the end, an elopement is a celebration that can perfectly celebrate the goals and values of the individuals making the great step to a new life.

Intimacy and Intention

Big weddings rarely allow time for intimate, intentional moments. Don’t blame the guests – it’s simply the nature of traditional weddings! More people, traditional actions that take up a lot of time, and expectations combine to eat up most (if not the entirety) of your wedding day. The feeling is that the many traditional elements specific to a wedding ceremony rob the occasion of the vital intimacy and connection that a wedding ceremony is supposed to celebrate. 

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Romance, Above All, and Scenery

Many of the couples whose wedding we’re capturing this summer chose to elope because they simply could not bear the thought of waiting another year to be married. After the lockdowns, the ups and downs, the drama, you know you’ve found someone special when together you can bear it all. The pandemic brought along many engagements and hopes that since we’ve made it through this forever is the next stop! It’s romantic and youthful and we can’t get enough of all those couples taking the leap of faith together! Along with that, Greece offers a wide selection of elopement destinations with beauty to spare to enjoy on your wedding day and honeymoon! A last-minute elopement in Greece is the dream of love – one you’ll value forever!

It’s Quick 

Planning an elopement in Greece is significantly quicker and easier as opposed to planning a full-on wedding day. A lot of couples are choosing to elope (or would choose to elope) because they want either to minimize or eliminate the overwhelming planning that often goes hand-in-hand with having a huge wedding. We’re not saying that elopements are these last-minute, no-effort ceremonies that are devoid of meaning. You’re just free to put as much planning (or as little planning) into your elopement as you want. 

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elopement in santorini - wedding photographer greece - couple looking at the caldera

Eloping allows you to eliminate all of the unnecessary details and have a laid-back, stress-free wedding day! Remember as you embark on the journey of deciding how you’ll spend your wedding day that your wedding is only one day, but your marriage is a lifetime. Spend your day in a way that represents your relationship the best, like on this beautiful elopement in Santorini! Big weddings can snowball so easily into planning nightmares. But with elopements, it’s easy to plan the wedding day you want, melting away some of the stress, anxiety, and pressure that can come with a larger, more traditional wedding. If the big party planning thing doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine! Just plan for what you and your partner want. Begin your lives together in a way that makes the most sense for you—happy, free, and entirely in love.

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