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5 reasons to elope in Santorini at Canaves Oia!

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February 9, 2019

Santorini is undoubtedly one of the world’s most renowned islands for the majestic sunsets one can witness while overlooking the endless Aegean Sea. Need we say more?
This gem has been and continues to be the ideal destination for elopements and intimate destination wedding. And who wouldn’t want to say their vows in a breathtaking balcony like that at Canaves Oia while enjoying the caldera views at sunset time?
This famous Greek island holds a very special place in or hearts, as we have had the opportunity to capture some very unique celebrations and romantic elopements over the years and we can guarantee that there is no better place to celebrate love in an intimate way than this iconic destination.
Have we convinced you yet? Well, there is more to add on top of breathtaking sunsets and Aegean views. Read on to find out our top five reasons why getting married or eloping in Santorini is totally worth it!

1. Having access to the most secluded locations

Taking a look at our portfolio, you will identify a lot of the weddings we have captured have taken place in the most amazing locations. The balcony views we get to click on at Canaves Oia is our number one favourite! An unobstructed view to the sea as the sun sets and sky turns blood orange. Nothing beats that!

2. The great food and wine
This island has been blessed with the volcanic terrain making the crispest local wine variety Assyrtiko irresistible and renowned in the world. You will have the opportunity to treat your guests to excellent local flavours and organize private wine tasting tours ahead of your big day. Everyone will remember that first sip of white wine and the taste it left in their palette.

3. It is easily accessible
A destination so well known, brings all amenities along. Hence, you can easily fly out to Santorini from European destinations as well as from Athens. Alternatively, you can enjoy a boat ride from Piraeus port and why not turn this into a private yacht party to the wedding destination? Just think of all the fun under the Greek sun. We will surely be there to capture all the summer memories!

4.Timeless imagery
With a destination as iconic as Santorini, we are bound to create timeless imagery for your celebrations. The cascading white washed houses, the landscape full of contrasts, the great views, the colourful sunsets, the countless chapels and the pebble stoned alleys, will all come together in harmony when pressing click. Just wait and see..

5.The best light you can get
Having photographed many different occasions, from intimate I dos to engagement sessions, we can attest to the power of light on this island. It helps create such luminous photos that we are proud to share with you. Anytime of the day we are documenting your biggest moments, there will be magnificent light to capture through our lens. When your location is as unique as Canaves Oia balcony, then the combination of natural light and ocean views creates art!
And our list with reasons to elope in Santorini could go on and on.. We think you will agree with all the above and have your reasons for wanting to elope or have a small wedding on this island. Share your reasons in the comments section!




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