ARRIL 22 – 26, 2018
22-25 april | SPETSES, GREECE

Phos is an All Inclusive Luxury Workshop in Europe.

If you want to take your business to the next level this is the workshop to attend.

Justine Milton & Les Anagnou Photographers are teaching an amazing workshop in Spetses, Greece.

Learn about film photography, lighting, styling, marketing, getting your work published and so much more! Between Justine Milton & Les Anagnou their knowledge & experience covers markets in both North America & Europe.

THE EXPERIENCE  |  APRIL 22 – 26, 2018


PRICE  – €1500

Justine shoots mostly with film and Les Anagnou shoot hybrid, this workshop will focus on film but most topics will relate to any medium. We will also cover some hybrid shooting tips and techniques and share with you how we do things. We will also discuss lighting, both natural and artificial, defining your style, film stocks, shooting and techniques, running a profitable business, shooting editorials & publishing, natural posing, documenting emotion and motion, curating your galleries, editing, marketing, pricing & much more.

There will be multiple shoots throughout the few days. Each one will be broken into multiple parts so the attendees can split up into smaller groups, ensuring everyone has their own shooting time.

  • Les Anagnou and Justine & Alan will show everyone how they would pose, and what they would shoot and look for in the locations and lighting and then will be rotating among the groups in case any one needs help or has any questions.
  • Attendees will be allowed to use the images for their own portfolios and blogs, they will also be allowed to submit the images to blogs with proper vendor and workshop credits.
  • We will have a welcome dinner on the evening of April 22nd.
  • On the following days we will have classroom time and shooting time.
  • On April 26th, after breakfast everyone heads home with a lot of knowledge and some lifelong photofriends!

2.00 pm: Check in
6.00 pm: Meet & Greet
8.00 pm: Cocktail & Aperitivo


8.00: Full American Buffet Breakfast

8:45: 1 Round of 1:1

9:15: Introduction

9:30: All about film (Equipment/ Film-why shoot film,film stocks) /

11:30: Lighting

13.00: Lunch break

14.00: Justine – Continue with lighting

15.30: Editorial Bridal Photo Shoot with P + Y & J

16:00: Attendees shoot

19:00: Summary of the Day & Questions

20.00: Dinner

21:15: 2 Rounds of 1:1





8.00: Full American Buffet Breakfast

9.15:  Workflow

11.00: Posing

12:00 Albert-Carmencita Film Lab

13.00: Light lunch at Poseidonio

14:00: Chrysoula- styling and getting published

15.00: Kate-Magnolia Rouge

16:30: Justine + Les Anagnou show what they do on location

17:00: Groups shooting

20:00: Dinner

21:15: 2 Rounds of 1:1





8.00: Full American Buffet Breakfast

8:45:  1 Round of 1:1

9:15: Chrysoula

10:15: Editing

11.00: Melissa- Marketing & SEO & Blogging

13:00: Light lunch at Poseidonio

14.00: Branding and client experience

15:00: Justine + Les Anagnou show what they do on location

16:00: Groups shooting

20:00: Dinner

21:15: 3 Rounds of 1:1



6:30: Sunrise shoot

9.00: Full American Buffet Breakfast

9.30: Workshop Wrap Up & Group Photo

12.00: Check Out


Price – €1500


Spetses “The island of perfumes”, as it was named by the Venetians (which in ancient Greek means “full of pine-trees”), is a beautiful, car-free island with numerous wonderful sandy beaches and lovely secluded bays.

Poseidonio Grand Hotel, which first opened in 1914, was the brainchild of Sotirios Anargyros, a visionary benefactor who was responsible for much of Spetses’ development. Furthermore, it represented the cosmopolitan face of the island and soon became one of its famous landmarks, a favorite destination for high society, royalty and wealthy Athenians.

If you are arriving in Athens by plane, you can travel by to Piraeus where the flying dolphins for Spetses depart.From Piraeus, there are frequent Flying Dolphin and Catamaran departures to the port of Spetses. Check out the schedules at www.hellenicseaways.gr.

By car, you can travel via ferry from Kranidi, Porto Heli and Kosta. From Kosta, a sea taxi will take you to Spetses in 5 minutes.

Why is this workshop right for me?
Our workshops are designed to elevate your wedding photography business to the next level. There are two different wedding studios (ourselves and the super-talented Justine Milton) offering up their expertise and sharing their experience. They’ll be divulging and sharing all of their tips and tricks of the trade – things you’d only know if you’d been a photographer for decades. They can help you become the established and successful photographer that you’ve always wanted to be.
When does the workshop take place?



April 22nd – 26th. 2018.

Where do the workshops take place?


The stunning Greek Island of Spetses.

How much does it cost?
€1,950 for a 5-day workshop. This includes all of your meals, class time, and your stay in a luxury 5 star hotel.
Who can attend the workshop
You can be at any stage in your career as a photographer! If you are just starting out there is a lot of information you will leave with, along with some amazing portfolio building opportunities. If you are an experienced wedding photographer but want to brush up on some skills and knowledge and maybe learn about incorporating film into your workflow and expanding your market, we can teach you a lot!
What language will the workshop be in?
All of the teaching will be done in English. During your 15 minute 1:1 with the instructors, if you would like to speak in a different language you are more than welcome to!
If you are arriving to Athens by plane, you can catch the X96 bus which leaves the airport every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day for the Port of Piraeus. It takes about one hour to reach Piraeus and will drop you off at the bus station in the port, about 500m from Gate E9 where the Flying Dolphins (hydrofoils) for Spetses depart.
If you have a car or are renting one, take the national road, cross the Isthmus of Corinth and take the exit for Ancient Epidavros from Kosta. A sea taxi will take you to Spetses in 5 minutes.
The weather is almost always perfect in Spetses in April. Pack for warmer weather, but bring some light layers for the evening. There might be the occasional rainstorm but they last no more than an hour. Do pack a swimsuit if you like swimming and want to go in the sea!
How much film should I bring?
f you are a hybrid shooter, we advise bringing around 20 to 40 rolls of film with you. If you are a full film shooter, Justine would bring 80 to 100 rolls, but that’s probably excessive, so you’re probably safe with 60 to 80. All participants will receive a special discount from one of our speakers, Carmencita Photo Lab, for film processing!
Can I use the images on my portfolio?
You can use them on your blog and social media, as long as you credit the workshop. We do not advise using styled materials on your website in a real weddings gallery. We encourage every attendee to build a strong portfolio any way they can.
Do I have to stay up all night every night?
Not if you don’t want to! But part of being a successful photographer does mean being social once in a while. Also, the very best part of the workshop is meeting like-minded professionals so it might be a rather long 5 days if you don’t speak to anyone! We’d like the workshop to spark mini-communities and lasting professional friendships that are mutually beneficial and career-enriching. There’s also nothing like a glass of wine at sunset on the island, and no one likes to drink alone!
Do I have to shoot film?
You can shoot with whatever medium you are most comfortable with! At every workshop there is a mix of skill levels and experience as well as a mix of mediums. While we certainly encourage you to try film you are more than welcome to shoot digital!


We also offer in-person one-to-one mentoring for single and two-day sessions. Why appoint us as your mentors? We’re glad you asked. Regardless of what stage your business is at, you need someone to challenge and push you. Someone to ask you the difficult questions and helps you gain both traction and perspective as your business grows.

We’ll help you address your concerns and hopes for your business and guide you towards a bright future. We haven’t got all of the answers (no one does!) but a few things we can help with are as follows:

  • Photography and how to shoot to the full extent of your potential
  • How to work with difficult lighting
  • How to attract the clients you want
  • Promoting yourself without spending a penny
  • How to care for clients and keep them recommending you to friends
  • Learn more about getting published on blogs and in the magazines
  • How to juggle a creatively fulfilling career with a healthy family life
  • And much, much more…
  • Beforehand, we’ll give you a complimentary 30-minute session where we meet one another and work out if we’re a good fit.
  • We’ll talk about your business, where you want to go with it and how we can help.
  • Once we’ve decided that you want to move forward, we’ll carry out a more in-depth questionnaire to find out exactly what you want to achieve with this course.
  • We’ll review your portfolio: we’ll pull your portfolio apart, discuss composition, exposure, posing and framing.
  • On the day itself, we’ll craft the day around exactly what you want to learn. Over the course of 7 hours, we’ll review your style, your equipment and anything else you need to take your business to the next level.
  • We’ll also do a ‘test’ shoot of your choosing so we can walk you through what we would do in your shoes.
  • The first day is as above.
  • The second day will include an intensive wedding shoot with a bride and groom or couple and we’ll guide you through posing technique, working harmoniously with light, making your colours pop, putting your subjects at ease, capturing emotion, avoiding over-posing.
  • We’ll include another 3 hours of business coaching.
  • Post shoot, we’ll go through the photos you took and discuss what worked and what didn’t and how you’re going to grow as an artist.
  • We suggest a Skype call a few days after the workshop to follow up on any questions regarding the 2-day mentoring course. This is also your chance to give us some valuable feedback!
If anything is unclear or you have a question that we haven’t answered, just get in touch.


Based in Athens, Greece and the Greek Islands. Available to shoot in Europe and Worldwide.


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