Phos Workshop: A retrospective to an unforgettable experience in Spetses

Phos workshop
Setses Island, Greece

We can’t believe it has already been a month since our intense five day photography workshop in Spetses island. Words cannot describe what an honour it has been working along some of the industry’s most talented professionals and collaborating with a dream team of the most supportive vendors we could ever ask for.

We only see fit to dedicate this post to everyone who participated and worked behind the scene to help make this dream of ours a reality. Yiota and I have participated in a lot of workshops ourselves and after years of working experience within the film photography field, we decided to organize our very own workshop in order to share the cumulative knowledge with other like-minded professionals through our eyes.
It took a rigorous 11 month preparation with a lot of late nights working, being constantly on the phone with our co host Justine Milton, to ensure deliverables and most importantly overcoming the challenges faced at an island where there is a strict no car policy in place. The process itself taught us so much about what it takes to put together an educative five day workshop especially as this was our very first attempt. We would like to thank the team of amazing vendors who embraced Phos workshop and helped us in making this a reality. For example, QT albums provided each attendee with their own styling board and we had swag bags daily for each participant. This facilitated the learning process of the workshop to a great extent and we are so thankful to everyone’s contribution.

This has been a great experience for all. We got away with so many beautiful images and great portfolios among the attendees that we can’t wait to share with you! And that is the main reason behind carrying our first workshop: sharing; knowledge, ideas, techniques, experiences and more.
This is why we love film community as well; because it is all about sharing with the aim of becoming better, growing and developing ourselves and our work. Hence, we decided to teach other professionals what we know and share our insight to film photography. We received such positive feedback from our attendees and vendors that we are looking forward to our next workshop scheduled for 2019!

Providing mentoring to new professional photographers and expertise to help them build up on their business or enhance their photography techniques is something Phos workshop inspired us to do as we enjoyed teaching and sharing knowledge so much. Our mentor sessions 1 to 1 are launching soon so be sure to get in touch if you would like to talk business.

For now, have a behind the scenes of what happened at Phos workshop in Spetses and let the light inspire you too.

Paul + Yiota

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