Our New Site: The Journey

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Tips on designing a killer website
What we learned in the process

“It’s hard work making movies. It’s like being a doctor: you work long hours, very hard hours, and it’s emotional, tense work. If you don’t really love it, then it ain’t worth it”.

-George Lucas


It took us a couple of months and lots of research but our new site Is live and better than ever! It’s amazing how important a solid website is for every business – creative or not. We know lots of people in the market who are looking for a new website and tips on how to make it work, so we decided to share what we learned in the process. 

Our website journey

A quality website is crucial for a business. Why?

We live in the Google era. That means people search for everything on google. If someone wants to find something a google search is the first thing, he will do. We are photographers, so we need to show up and show up good when someone searches for wedding photography. Creating a good looking site was our first goal. We have the aesthetics, we needed to show our clients that that’s how we roll.

Looking good is number one when your potential customers are stylish people who are planning a wedding. If they found us through a search or through a link a friend gave them, we wanted to make sure that our good-looking website would be our first point of contact with them. You can never make a first impression twice. We are looking for refined and stylish clients, our site had to reflect that!

What we learned: You need to look good because customers will see your site and form an opinion about your business based on your site. Think of your website as your digital storefront. Make it look good!


What makes up a quality website?

The characteristics of a quality website. What are they?

A good site is clean and organized, it is easy to navigate, modern in terms of style and layout and functionality. Moreover, it is well branded and motivates your potential customers to work with you. Social Links and profiles need to be present at all times and contact should be very easy to find. You can’t lose precious time; your clients need to know as many as possible for you as quickly as possible. BUT, don’t overpower your pages, moderation is once more the key. Focus on making your page visually appealing. We spent a good time checking the fonts, the size of every image and the lettering. We dedicated time to making everything as good as possible. We followed that rule at all times, providing quality information and our best photography. That’s how our clients know we are serious, attentive and always deliver. That’s how we get that good Google ranking.

What we learned: Make sure your website looks good in all browsers and has both appealing photography (if that’s your business) and detailed clean information. Most important thing? The site needs to look absolutely impeccable on mobile phones. The majority of people browse everything on their phones. Make sure your website is built and designed for optimal mobile viewing.

Helpful tip

Always work with a professional

We are destination wedding photographers working with film. That gives us an enormous knowledge about photography, posing, light, location, you name it. However, we’re not web designers and that’s ok. You always need to work with a professional on the field, so you save precious time and ultimately money. Make sure you and your web designer have good communication. You will spend lots of time working with them, countless phone or skype calls. Trust his advice and give him a clear idea of what you want for your business.

What we learnedYour business is a tool, make it good from the start. You can’t get things right without a professional. If you’re a good photographer, chances are you don’t know how to code and that’s fine. Hire a professional to do it for you. You need to invest in your site for it to give back to you.


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Our New Site

So, here’s all we learned in the process. Everything else boils down to content, uploading regularly and taking good care of the website. Also, our new site fits better for us and what we do! There’s our portfolio for our clients to browse through, helpful information for our couples in our journal, past and future workshops and of course our new venture; Business Coaching!

Browse through everything, take your time and we guarantee you’ll find something interesting.

Have more questions on our site and business coaching? Contact Us!



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