Fairytale Like Wedding As Seen On Magnolia Rouge

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Elena & Yiannis
Agios Nikolaos, Naousa


Photographers Les Anagnou

Wedding Planner Soo Events

Venue Agios Nikolaos Naousa

Florals Floral Creations

Videography Make Your Own Films

Wedding Dress Maria Konidi

Stationery Atelier Invitations

Cake  Pepe Beza Boutique Baking

Catering Aiges Melathron


Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

-Melissa Brown


You can see this magical wedding as published on Magnolia Rouge

Everyone can attest on the multi-faceted landscape one can find Greece. When it comes to destination weddings, we all have this idea of white washed houses against the background of the endless Aegean Sea. However, there is so much more this country has to offer for those who dare to immerse in natural beauty.

That was the case for the wedding of Elena and Yiannis that took place in the middle of an age-old thicket full of platanes in Agios Nikolaos in Northen Greece. Soo Events curated this breathtaking wedding by the river and it was absolutely stunning. We had the opportunity to capture a couple in love, during their special day in the most enchanting scenery we have ever been.

Getting to photograph Elena and Yiannis in the woods, under the shades of the platanes and the calming sounds of the water was one the most challenging things we had done thus far. A wedding set in the midst of a forest, immersing in a completely natural environment calls for high levels of adaptability and flexibility. But, the results have been so rewarding for everyone. Being able to see the pure love and happiness Elena and Yiannis felt on that day is priceless.

Having all your favorite people around you, dancing, laughing and listening to clinging champagne glasses in this luxurious yet traditional wedding was a worthwhile experience that made us overlook any obstacle set forth trying to capture these moments. Being part of such a warm and heartfelt celebration, makes us wonder about all the things this land has to offer. We are islanders at heart but always up to explore new places enjoy every opportunity we are given to photograph authentic wedding festivities.

Keeping a positive attitude and planning ahead is all it takes to be able to take those perfect pictures on the day. We are so glad to have witnessed this wedding, to have seen the real love between Elena and Giannis and their love for mother nature. The greenest green, the everlasting platanes and the fog coming out of the river underneath lots of string lighting made this wedding celebration something straight out of a fairytale.

Have a look and let us know if you can too feel the magic!


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