We believe that being well prepared is the key to achieving a breath-taking set of photographs. That, and wide-open lines of communication. After our initial meeting or phone call with you, we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill in which will put us all on the same wavelength. We need a 360 degree understanding of what you want from your wedding day, so that we can curate the perfect set of photos.

We will work closely with you (or your planner) and will consult you every step of the way on everything from your timeline to your couples’ portraits. The day before the wedding, we’ll scout out some stunning locations and familiarise ourselves with the local area to get the very best out of your wedding venue. From there, we’ll help formulate the day’s itinerary.

During the wedding day itself, we’ll use medium format film cameras while the light is good, then move to digital cameras as the evening falls. We have a talent for seeking out the most elegant angles and most poetic compositions and are avid lovers of light. We work creatively with colour and texture to tell your story as vividly as possible.

In short, we use our innate creative enthusiasm to produce heart-stirring collections of extraordinary images that you’ll pass down as heirlooms to your grandchildren.


We shoot exclusively with film as long as we have the light for it. There’s a good reason for that: we love the feeling of it, the quality of the photography you can achieve with it. We even love the smell of it. There’s nothing like looking through a proper viewfinder of our medium format film cameras, composing the shot in our mind’s eye and finally pressing that shutter button and awaiting the magic. We wouldn’t change it for the world.


Do we travel for our work? Of course. There is no place too far-flung for us to go in search of beauty and adventure, so don’t be shy about asking us to travel anywhere in the world.

We do have special pricing and considerations for destination weddings so do contact us and we can discuss your specific needs. We tend to need any air or ground transit costs covering, as well as two nights accommodation (the night before the wedding and the night of).



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