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Wedding Cake Tips
Destination wedding cake in Greece and Italy


Cake designer: Pavlov Lab

Love is when you have a really amazing piece of cake, and it’s the very last piece, but you let him have it.

-E. Lockhart

All you need to know to choose a perfect and delicious wedding cake for your Greek or Italian destination wedding. …

Perhaps the most anticipated time in a wedding: the cake cutting! Cakes come in all sizes, tiers, colours, designs and flavours. Couples pay a lot of attention to the first dessert they will share as Mr and Mrs but also, to the sweet taste they want to leave with their guests. After all, a dinner is not complete without a good dessert, let alone a wedding.

Pavlov’s Lab, an industry expert when it comes to destination wedding cakes in Greece and Italy, has shared their secrets with us. Read on six tips to help you choose your wedding cake for your big day!

1. The golden rule

Think out of the box! Don’t focus on what is in fashion or what you think your guests would like. Think about what’s the taste you want your wedding to leave? What is the one think that is unique to you and makes your celebration memorable? There are no right or wrong cakes, only tasty cakes. Don’t be afraid to go bold and experiment!

two tier destination wedding cake in nutral grey cement colors at a spetses wedding

2. Say no to the Wedding Cake Catalogue

Cake catalogues are so out of fashion! You don’t need a menu to confide your imagination or your cake cravings. The secret to a show-stopper wedding cake is tasting as many cakes as you want till you find the one that speaks you. No need to look on some old fashioned cake catalogue, get in a pastry shop and eat the cake. It will be much more fun and will create the sweetest memory of your wedding planning.

two tiers destination wedding cake that is very colorful and with flower details painted by hand for a hydra wedding

3. Ask your patissier to design your cake

You have chosen experts for all your wedding items from catering to hair. So, why not seek the advice of a wedding cake expert? Your patissier will have already experimented with cake designs and flavour combinations, so you will already have an expert cake ally with you. Don’t be afraid to play with the cake dimensions; the bigger the better or the smaller the cutest?  Leave it to the cake experts to design it and then make your sweet choice.

three tier wedding cake with beautiful hand painted details for a destination wedding in Monemvasia Greece

4. Trust the pros

As you would do with all the vendors you will be bringing together on your big day, a certain amount of trust is needed when it comes to the patissier who will design your cake. Pavlov’s Lab bring on so much cake experience and have lots of advice and secrets to share so that your cake is another wow factor of your wedding.

four tier white colored destination wedding cake for a wedding at the athens riviera

5. Prefer the dummy wedding cake

Your entire wedding cake does not need to be entire edible. That’s why dummy and not fake as our expert suggests, are made for. This means that you can opt for as many tiers as you wish, with the only edible tier being the one you cut and taste as a couple. Choose individual little tasty cakes for your guests, to share the flavoursome dessert that matches your wedding style.

five tier wedding cake in white for a destination wedding in spetses island greece

6. Follow your heart, not the trends

Your wedding cake is a symbol to your sweet new beginning. It should follow your wedding theme, colours, vibe and taste like you; not what’s in fashion this wedding season. Naked cakes, white cakes, minimal cakes or floral ones, is up to you and not the wedding trends to decide. After all, this is your wedding celebrations and as our industry expert Pavlov’s Lab says: the cake should match your style.

three tier white colored destination wedding cake with some natural florals

We asked the professionals and they shared their six tips on how to choose your destination wedding cake. Your cake should match your style and your wedding and not the industry trends. Treat yourselves and your guests to a tasty piece of cake that will seal the sweetest ending to your wedding celebrations!

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