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Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life. -Anna Akhmatova

We’ve previously talked excessively about how to plan a destination wedding in Italy and what a lovely opportunity it is to experience one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In our Clubhouse talks, we got together with wedding planners and vendors from Italy and discussed how challenging 2020 was for the Italian wedding industry and how with the wedding boom that’s coming Italy rises again to its fair place in the European wedding market. We can’t wait to visit Italy again in October! We got some great things coming up next year in Italy so keep an eye for Les Anagnou in Italy!

But first, and the reason you’re here, let’s talk about five great reasons to plan a destination wedding in Italy!

We will be talking about:

  1. The aura of Italy
  2. A culture trip; with the most beautiful cities and locations to have a wedding
  3. The amazing food and Italian wine
  4. Art and how Italy can satisfy your thirst for it
  5. Taking advantage of Italy’s unique festivals and celebrations for your wedding

Shall we?

It’s in the aura

The idea of a destination wedding is becoming more popular amongst couples and it’s no surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world is a top choice. Italian weddings are known to be colorful, vibrant, and fun affairs. From the food to the atmosphere to the lively music, there’s plenty on offer. Italy holds a special place in the heart of many couples, whether they met there, have family there, or have been on a romantic Italian trip. Inspiration is made up of gliding around the vibrant canals of Venice, strolls through the flourishing vineyards in Tuscany or at the top of the idyllic Italian Alps. With its beautiful villages and towns steeped in history, Italy offers a bounty of lovely locations from rolling fields, scenic vineyards, villas, and castles to a vast array of breathtaking cathedrals and churches. You can choose to marry anywhere from the beautiful lakes to Shakespeare’s romantic Verona.

A culture trip

For a taste of La Dolce Vita, Italy is world-famous for its art, history, culture, architecture, stunning sceneries, and overall general beauty . Italy makes the ultimate wedding destination when coupled with the mouth-watering food and wine, good weather, and welcoming. Every year thousands of couples choose to have a romantic wedding in Italy, and it’s easy to see why. From the historic and beautiful architecture of cities such as Rome, Florence, and Venice, to a diverse range of stunning landscapes – Alpine, coastal and lakeside, all dotted with picturesque villages, Italy has the charm to spare.

Wedding in Tuscany

For a more laid back countryside vibe, Tuscany offers endless green vineyards, olive groves, quaint medieval villages and splendid blue coastlines. Couples who are looking for a traditional wedding with a ‘rustic vibe’ can choose to get married in one of Tuscany’s many vineyards or gardens lined with Cyprus trees. Across the green landscape, there are several farms and villas that can be booked for a wedding, each preserving its medieval feel. The towns all around Tuscany are filled with a rich blend of charming culture, alluring history, and Renaissance art, making Tuscany the perfect backdrop for a wedding. If the countryside is not for your wedding aesthetics, you can always head to one of Tuscany’s romantic cities such as Florence or Pisa.

Food for thought: Catch up with our checklist with things to consider when searching for your wedding venue in Tuscany.

Wedding in Venice and Verona

Venice and Verona are two of the most romantic places in the world, which makes them perfect for a wedding. Throughout the centuries, Verona’s beauty and elegance still remain intact. Newlyweds can visit the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet and wish for never-ending love. Venice, a city built on water, offers a different setting for a wedding, with it being the world’s only pedestrian city. It is perfectly linked by endless canals, ancient bridges, and traditional gondolas plying the waterways. Sounds magical right? Couples can venture off to one of Venice’s majestic palaces for a luxurious celebration and then float through historic beauty in a sleek white boat.

Wedding in Rome

When in Rome you can enjoy a cosmopolitan Italian wedding, spiced up by the seamless mix of old and new. Rome is a modern city, but its ancient roots were never forgotten, so your wedding party can enjoy the historical monuments, toss coins in Fontana di Trevi and even step into the Vatican City. Known to many as the city of eternal love, the fairytale destination boasts charming architecture, storied streets and stunning views.

Wedding in the Italian Lakes

Italy’s glistening lakes including Lake Maggiore, Como and Garda are just wonderful scenes for your wedding day. Take in the lake’s postcard-perfect views, bounded by mountains and staggering shorelines. Amid the nature, the lakes host some of the most breath-taking villas and stunning halls, ideal for a truly special wedding. The warm local climate makes it an ideal place to welcome your guests who can enjoy all there is to offer, from endless water activities to outdoor hikes.

Wedding in the Italian Riviera

The very mention of “The Riviera” instantly brings to mind alluring moonlit beaches and lovers strolling hand-in-hand on the long sandy shores. Just imagine how exquisite a wedding would be in a place already embraced for its romantic atmosphere. The picturesque seaside village of Portofino is an absolute jewel. Being a popular port and resort, it is large enough to accommodate all your wishes but small enough to be warm and welcoming. Portofino can be easily reached by ferry from Liguria and Cinque Terre, which are incredible wedding destinations in their own rights. Liguria is elegant and exclusive and has no shortage of villas and palaces with ‘wow’ views, ideal for your nuptials.

Wedding in the Amalfi Coast

Perched in the center of majestic mountains and enveloped in a crystal blue sea with spectacular views across the coast instil, the Amalfi Coast is an increasingly popular destination for weddings. The Island of Capri is one of the most coveted wedding sites on the Amalfi Coast.  Overflowing with heritage, abounding in breathtaking beauty, and symbolic of love itself, this island promises to make all your Italian wedding dreams come true. Positano is a lovely valley on the coast with incredible places for your fairy tale wedding to magically come to life.  The rich history and vibrant enchantment of Positano allow you to captivate a timeless feel to celebrating your forever love.

set up at villa montanare

First-class food and wine experience

The Mediterranean diet, the Italian one to be precise, corresponds to the healthiest food regime there is. In addition to being healthy, Italian food is also good. All of Italian food. From the north to the south of the peninsula, passing through the islands, each region has its own specialties that are worth tasting at least once in your lifetime. And what about abroad? Just know that our way of eating has a name: ” Italian way of fooding “. Loved all over the world and hard to imitate. And so the Italian way of eating is successful abroad for the conviviality, the health benefits and for its goodness! You can treat your guests with an amazing wholesome feast and prolong the feelings of togetherness!

And one thing weddings can’t be without is wine. You simply can’t properly explore Italian cultural heritage without diving headfirst into the world of excellent wines. Italy is a blessed country for many reasons, and one of them is that it’s perfect for winemaking. The endless vineyards are an essential part of the country’s landscapes, especially when it comes to Tuscany, Piedmont, and Lombardi (the birthplace of the iconic Lambrusco), and you definitely don’t want to miss a chance to treat your guests to a memorable degustation during your unforgettable Italian wedding.

Art and Class

Italy has brought up lots of wonderful artists, architects, engineers, and inventors, who changed the world and whose legacy is still alive these days. Italy is home to more than half of the European cultural heritage, which has no equals anywhere in the world. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Borghese Gallery in Rome, the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, the Sistine Chapel in Vatican – this is just a short list of places where the immortal works of Italian art created by famous Italian geniuses are collected. Your guests will thank you for giving them the opportunity to enjoy such a cultural treat!

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villa montanare wedding in tuscany by les anagnou

Cultural experiences; Unique festivals and celebrations

Plan your wedding around a festival or celebration for an added touch of culture! Italian carnivals and celebrations are truly something special. You have definitely heard about the renowned Venetian Carnival, the celebration of life, filled with colors and sounds, what is a better time to have a wedding? The famous masks, an essential attribute of this festive event, are known and adored all around the world. But do you know about the other traditional festivities? From historic Regatta and Calcio Florentino to the Battle of Oranges and the Game of the Bridge, the locals always have something to celebrate, and you can rest assured, they know exactly how to do that!


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