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it’s not all about us, but a lot of it is


When we’re not indulging in the delicious atmosphere of the Greek Islands our favourite place to be is a wedding – a stylish wedding, preferably in a beautiful location with that
exquisite natural light that we romantic photographers dream of. In our eyes there’s nothing more photographic than a wedding overflowing with good taste, style, elegance and luxurious details. Our creative cells start to tingle with the potential to capture timeless, stunning and classy photographs on film.

A beautiful wedding is where we long to be with our cameras. However, we know it isn’t all about us and after many years of photographing weddings we have fine-tuned our ability to capture the day whilst not getting in the way. We are highly attentive when it comes to the needs of the bride, groom and their guests and love to support the day however we can to flow effortlessly.

We are very aware that relaxed and happy guests make a more beautiful photograph. This applies to our work after the day. We love to listen and make sure the wedding couple are totally content with their photographs. We want our clients to be completely happy with our work. It makes us happy too.

We have over twenty years of experience photographing and capturing weddings on film and are drawn to the unique light of Europe – the Greek Islands, Tuscany and Provence in particular.

As wedding photographers they are the perfect locations for a wedding and here we have captured some of the best wedding photographs we have taken. However we do consider travelling to most destinations.

We can’t wait to meet you.




Destination, Elopement and Small Wedding Collections vary based on location. Please enquire for full pricing.


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We first met Paul and Yiota at their studio. They made us feel more as friends than clients.

All the innovative ideas that were proposed, such as the Photobooth idea, became the hit of our wedding day!!! A few days before the wedding, Paul called me and asked me to pass by their studio…When I arrived, the pre-wedding album, which functioned as a guestbook, with some of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen. It was really difficult for me not to cry!! We never thought, not for a moment, that we were in a photoshoot…We both felt so relaxed and this day’s photos capture that feeling. A couple days later, we ended up in Santorini shoooting our Next Day Album. Such a great experience! Les Anagnou Photographers managed to transform the period of our wedding into a lifetime experience.


When I met Yiota and saw your artistic work, it was a wonderful experience.

We shot some wonderful images in Positano on the Amalfit Coast. We really recommend you. You do your job with love, patience and dedication!


We loved working with Les Anagnou for our engagement shoot in Santorini.

Yiota and Paul are great people and amazingly talented photographers. We had so much fun shooting with Yiota all over the island. Her expertise and humor helped us get over our nervousness and feel comfortable in front of the camera. In between shoots, we had a great time getting to know her as she showed us around some great local spots! It was an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. We returned home with great memories, amazing new friends, and a collection of spectacular photos. We absolutely recommend Les Anagnou. Now we wish we were getting married in Europe so we could have them shoot our wedding too!